Chp 5:

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"Mr. Piercy...sir you are running late for your meeting at your fathers office." Said a familiar voice, as I opened my eyes and looked around it seemed as if everything around me was blurry and disoriented.

My head throbbed and my body ached as I groaned and rolled over on to my back.

"What? I don't have any meetings today."

"Sir I'm afraid you do."

"How is that possible it's Sunday."

"Sir, today is Monday."

I quickly shot up and looked across my room to see my butler Maxwell standing in the doorway of my large double doors.

My head pounded as I sat up too quickly

"What? There is no way that it's-it's Monday." I said checking my phone.

"Crap, alright I'll be right down." I said slowly crawling out of bed.

There was no way that I just slept through all of Sunday.

After about thirty minutes I finally got downstairs and sat at my counter top in my kitchen as Fredrick my chef placed my food in front of me.

"You sure had quit the eventful weekend." Fredrick said.


"Too hung-over to remember, huh? I've got just the thing for that." he said turning around and pulling ingredients out of the fridge.

I covered my ears with both of my hands and groaned, every little noise was loud.

After a few minutes he set a glass of green looking guck in front of me.

"What's that?" I said looking at it disgusted

"THAT is what is going to rid you of this hangover." I picked up the glass and took a whiff of it before pulling it away from my nose.


"Just plug your nose and drink it.

Trust me, it's better than walking into an office room and being the only one who can't tolerate the sound of a pencil hitting a desk."

I tilted my head backwards and downed the drink.

I coughed a couple times as I tried to get it down all the way.

"Maybe that'll teach you to go a little lighter next time. Eh kid?"

I nodded and grabbed my coat and car keys "Thanks you guys." before heading down to my car.

As I walked outside towards my car I noticed a group of reporters on the steps of the building

"Nick! Nick Piercy! Mr. Piercy could we have a moment with you!" They all shouted, pictures were snapped and cameras were pointed in my face as I hurried passed them.

I lifted the collar of my black pea coat in an attempt to hide my face from the cameras.

"Mr. Piercy what do you have to say about your fathers affair with a college student?" They yelled, I stopped in my tracks in response to their comment.

"Mr. Piercy! What do you have to say about it."

"You know what! I'll tell you all what I have to say about it. Screw the news! Screw the reporters! Leave me and my family alone!"

I said marching passed them and slamming my car door shut, before revving my engine and driving off.

After about fifteen minutes of being stuck in traffic and finally parking my car.

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