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So, I just found out but the last chapter wasn't completely uploaded. I don't know what happened to it but I had to rewrite the last couple parts. I'd advise you to go back and read those parts or you won't understand what is about to happen :) I'm sorry about this. 

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"Turn around." His voice was deep and dark and even though he was speaking at a reasonable volume, I felt the severity of the situation steadily increasing the more he talked, "Slowly. Keep your hands where they are."

"Okay. Okay." I slowly rotated my body and subconsciously pressed it closer to the pen.

Oh dear God, I did not want to die.

"Open your eyes." The barrel settled on my chest, right above my pounding heart.I didn't even know my eyes were squeezed shut until he commanded them open. 

"Alright." I gulped deeply before slowly peeling my eyelids from each other, "Please, calm down."

"Oh miss, I'm perfectly calm."

I was staring at his feet now, which were clad in mud-caked worn boots with a pair of trousers sloppily tucked into them.

The tension seemed to increase as I trailed my eyes up his long legs to his bare torso.

That's where my eyes stopped.

I couldn't look any further. I couldn't meet his eyes. Especially since I knew they were trained very intensely on me down the line of his barrel.

"Now miss, I'm not in the habit of shooting women, but I'm also not in the habit of letting people loose on my property."

My hands were still looped together and resting on the back of my head and I slowly started to lower them, "Well, you see."

"Stop." He nudged me backwards with the barrel.

"Okay, Mr I think you should put that gun down."

"Oh, miss, I don't think you're in a position to be making suggestions." He tacked on a humorless chuckle, which only added to the progression of my transformation from fright into anger.

Here I was, in a barn, being held at gunpoint, with no home, no clothes, and no food.

And I am the worse me I can be when I'm hungry.

"Well, seeing as you're probably either 'Olly' or 'pa' and how I know where Esme is, I think it best if you put that gun down."

I mustered some fake courage and slid my eyes along the barrel of the gun to his steady hands and then even further up to his dark eyes.

They were challenging, but I could see a brief, if not noticeable, change in his facial expressions at the mention of Esme's name.

"Oliver!" A slurred voice interrupted our very pleasurable moment. "I think she's probably wid da chicks, ya know how much she love dem chickens." He paused to belch, "Or better yet, she probably with them hoodlums in town...yeah! She rode on right pas here and kept on goin'." He stumbled, "That stuuupppiiiddd child," he waved his hands around, "let 'em keep her."

The gun instantly moved from me and was aimed at the drunk man who started to slump against the wall. "Pa, you should feel blessed that she loves you so much because I don't feel much attached to you."

I started to relax. The muzzle of the gun wasn't pointed at me and I sure wasn't complaining about that.

"Olly!" Esme seemed to emerge from the shadows and quickly wrapped her arms around his center. She smiled up at him before detaching herself and running over to the man now laying on the floor, "Oh pa, it's okay, I'll help you." She planted a kiss on his shining forehead before pushing him into a seated position.

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