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Jimin had just seen Emily last night, but that didn't stop him from being excited to have lunch with her today. He couldn't wait to hear what Angela, her boss, was having for lunch, or what random shenanigans had taken place at the library that day. Smirking, Jimin shook his head. Maybe it was because of who he was and where he was from, but he could never get over some of the random things Emily had seen and dealt with in the library.

Stretching, Jimin rolled over and checked the time. The clock on his bedside table read 10:02. He still had enough time to shower and get ready before he needed to meet up with Emily, but he needed to get moving. Stretching one last time, he sat up, his arms stretching up in the air, before falling to his head, hands ruffling his black hair. Jimin moved to the edge of the bed, letting his feet drop to the floor. He stood and padded to the restroom across the plush, cream colored carpet.

After a quick shower, Jimin made his way back into his bedroom. Opening the closet, Jimin rifled through his clothes, before settling on torn, black skinny jeans and a plain, white T-shirt. Throwing his shirt over his shoulder, Jimin stepped into his jeans and pulled them up as he headed back to the bathroom. He stumbled and paused hopping around to finish pulling his pants the rest of the way up. He pulled the shirt over his head and down over his torso as he walked into the steam-filled bathroom.

Wiping steam from the mirror, Jimin tried to decide what to do with his hair. Emily loved it when his bangs were parted and swept from his face, exposing his forehead. He smirked, shaking his head as he chuckled. Truthfully, Jimin couldn't have cared less what his hair looked like, but seeing Emily smile made his heart race so he supposed he could handle fixing his hair today.

After his hair was dry and styled just so, Jimin slipped on a couple of his favorite rings, grabbed his cellphone and his leather jacket and headed towards the front door. Sitting down on the bench in the entryway, Jimin quickly slipped on his boots and laced them up. Straightening, he checked his cellphone for the time, 11:15, and noticed that he didn't have any messages from Emily. It wasn't completely unreasonable that she hadn't messaged him, sometimes there just wasn't time, but usually she would shoot him an, "I can't wait to see you!" message if she could. After shrugging into his jacket, Jimin opened his apartment door before slipping his keys, phone, and wallet into their appropriate pockets. He locked the door from the inside before stepping into the hallway and shutting the door behind him.

He had fifteen minutes to make it to the park where he was supposed to meet Emily. He strolled leisurely down the sidewalk, taking in the scenery. The late April air filled his lungs, while the scent of the newly blooming flowers wafted towards him. He was about halfway to the park when he noticed one of the mom and pop shops was selling fresh flowers. Smiling to himself, Jimin decided he would buy some daffodils for Emily. They were bright and sunny and reminded him of her. Soon after purchasing the flowers Jimin made it to the park. He made his way over to "their" spot, a small bench under a tree on the outskirts of the park, just far enough away that when children were at the park their happy squeals and screams weren't too piercing.

Jimin made himself comfortable on the bench and waited. He pulled out his phone to check the time, pleaded to see he was there five minutes early. Sliding his phone back into his pocket he stretched one leg out in front of him, crossing the other one over his knee. While he waited he watched the people that came to the park. The same elderly couple thy always saw when they came to have lunch were walking on the path, holding hands and laughing with each other. A young family was having a picnic, the toddler making concentrated efforts to escape the blanket they were eating on and get to the swings. Jimin couldn't help but chuckle at the parents' obvious exasperation, tempered with love at the little one's antics.

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