taekook:he left(a)

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"kook!l-let go!"taehyung screamed as jungkook threw him onto the bed roughly, growling,"who are you to tell me that , hmm?"

taehyung stared up at his husband in fear. "i-i don't understand!why are you being like this?we've been married for a year now and you're just getting more and more... different."taehyung mumbled,tears filling his eyes.

jungkook snorted."listen,slut.i never loved you!i just married you for your body,tae."

the words hit taehyung hard in the chest, and jungkook just came crashing down.

he attached his lips onto taehyung's,and the smaller started crying .

not this again.


his eyes opened slowly,he was still on that bed.

taehyung got up,cringing at the pain.he was used to it now.he put his clothes on and he had made his decision;he would talk to jungkook or run.

taehyung saw jungkook in his room and smiled a bit.he looked so much like the man he had fallen in love with.

"kook?"he called in a gentle voice,jungkook turning but all that greeted taehyung was a frown."what the fuck do you want, taehyung?i'm tired."

taehyung clenched his fists but looked at jungkook."s-say...do you still..love me?"

jungkook scoffed,"didn't i tell you, tae?i just told you,i only married you for your body!i never loved you."he stood up and cornered taehyung,who suddenly felt small.

however he bravely looked up,"i- i don't believe it,jungkook.i believe you did once l-love me.."he said,but a small part of him was losing hope.what jungkook said,it wasn't true,right?

jungkook gave him a look."are you fucking serious,taehyung?god,you're so ignorant."

taehyung clenched his fists and tears filled his eyes."i don't believe it!"he screamed, but a slap was all he receive.

taehyung held his cheek with a shaking hand,looking up slowly at the man he loved."y-you... he felt himself tear up and he began sobbing.

"i'm tired too!i'm so fucking tired,jungkook! " he yelled shakily,his heart hurting as he felt his lover pull him up and slap him again."don't fucking yell,taehyung."

taehyung only cried.

what had happened?

was it all really just a delusion?did jungkook really never love him?

jungkook scoffed and threw taehyung aside. "i'm going out."

he did that a lot,these days.taehyung was starting to wonder,was he cheating?

he kept feeling worried,but was jungkook worth it?

he'd had enough.he balled his fists and grabbed what little things he had.

he'll run away,like a coward.


i wish you happiness.


jungkook came home,slightly tipsy.

his brows furrowed when he realised the house was quieter than normal.maybe taehyung was asleep?

being slightly drunk he would be emotional,so he searched for the boy but he was no where to be found.

"taehyung?taehyung this isn't funny!"

no reply.

after an hour jungkook dropped to his knees,he was sure taehyung had left.

he was positive.

fuck,look what you did now,kook!

your new baby left and now even taehyung is gone.

you're alone.

so pathetically alone.

he started crying,what had he done?

he waited for taehyung to come back,but of course..

he never did.


five years later:

jungkook groaned as he ran out his home; he was late for work.

fuck!jin hyung'll kill me.

jungkook basically ran for life.

he didnt notice the people in front of him, happily chatting until he felt himself fall after running into one of them.

"fuck,sorry-"jungkook's eyes widened, same to the male who he bumped into.

a kid who was with the man started crying,
and he started comforting the child.

meanwhile jungkook stood up,blinking.

memories flooded back into his head.


the blond man looked up at him,his eyes widening."j-jungkook."

the child stood up,taehyung standing up as well.

jungkook felt his heart break,"taehyung, who is this?"he asked,pointing to the kid.

taehyung bit his lip,tears filling his eyes as memories flew back."k-kookie.i'm sorry, t-this is my son."

jungkook stared at him."you..you got a wife?"

"n-no.he's adopted."taehyung whispered, the child looking at them in confusion.

"papa here got married to my dad,jimin!" he exclaimed,and taehyung mentally facepalmed,"you shouldn't tell people that, jihoon."

jihoon giggled.

"i'm sorry for running and leaving you alone.."taehyung muttered,jungkook clenching his fists.

he looked at the man he honestly missed.

"it wasn't your fault,taehyung."



oml im sorry this was so bad it isnt angst at allll

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