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breaks finally starting aaaaa

my cold's almost gone too

i also mightve accidentally converted my brother into a yoongi/namjoon stan

((his advisers apparently a namjoon stan a true i n t e l l e c t u a l))

ive also been getting into other grps like mamamoo and g idle pray my gallery can handle any more pics

i also rlly want to continue arcana but a) my progress is gone b) my school deletes my games everyday and it's enough of a hassle redownloading sbts and crossy road every single day and c) i could install it on my phone if it didnt have the cpu of a potato so im holding off until they stop

it's apparently a thing that happens every year?? but before they only deleted really popular games like ros. now theyre deleting every thing listed as a game in the app store >.>

i blame it on the lazy farts who have the ego to play in class and still continue to do it even after getting their ipads confiscated multiple times

they even deleted c h e s s

and worst of all they never gave an explanation even if this has been happening for a week already

i just want to romance fictional characters and slowly kill my fingers to the beat of we are bulletproof pt 2

(((imagine if next year they delete everything that isnt a school app i'd rally)))

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