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Everyone slept peacefully at night.

Except for Darkness.

There was no one to block his rage as he walked by the naive humans and the warlocks around the market. They did it again. They broke his rules. The only thing he wanted from them.

"She's pale, brown hair, brown eyes. She ran from a sacrifice. You must've noticed her somewhere near here?" The men asked a boy not more than fifteen. Darkness watched from behind the dark alley as the boy furrowed his eyebrow, shaking his head a little bit.

"Nah, man. You just described at least a hundred woman here."

One man gritted his teeth hearing the boy. His voice was borderline between anger and desperation as he said. "At least try to remember."

The boy looked at them with a frown. They didn't look like a good person. So he tried to avoid their eyes as he cleared his throat awkwardly. "Ah...if I could help I would. But it's getting late, I need to go home so-"

They didn't leave at it. One man threw his fists while another curled the boy's collar with his hand, forcing him to let out a scream. "You tell us where she is right now or we will do more than kill this little town of yours." 

"W-What the hell, man!? Who are you-"

It was fun to watch them play with their prey but for Darkness, it was the wrong victims. The boy didn't know anything and hell if he was going to be punished for that when he himself clearly made a deal with the Red clan. They won't mess with his plan, he won't kill them. But it looked like, despite the deal, they were hell-bent on trying to find Keira. So, before the warlocks could do more harm, Darkness showed himself with a hint of a smile on his face. 

"Well, well, gentlemen, I wasn't hoping to cross paths with you all." 

They left the boy, turning to see who stopped them. A man with dark hair, half-hidden eyes with a hoodie met their eyes. From the distance, they couldn't hide how irritated they felt. Maybe that's why one of them let out a snarl.

"Mind your own business. Have you any idea who we are-"

"I know who you are." Their eyes widened when Darkness let out a chuckle which sounded more deranged than sane. His shadows were just roaming around him. There's no way they missed how his shadows screeched for dammed souls. "You foolish warlocks who think beating up a human makes them stronger when in truth-you are all just dammed. You souls reek of desperation and sins. And we would love to have a taste of that."

"Stay away from us!" They yelled when Darkness stepped closer. His laugh filled the area along with the screams of the warlocks as his shadows took what they deserved. Blood dripped on the road as the warlocks cried out in pain. The boy long forgotten, he took all their energy. The blue hue of their soul taking forms and disappearing inside him. Meanwhile, Darkness's lips lifted in a barely-there smile as he kept shouting like a man lost his mind.

"You will never find her!"

She was his. His to take, his to care, his to kill.

And hell if anyone else thought of taking what was his.  


"Today we're going to learn about runes." Hannah declared storming into Keira's room when she was reading and practicing earth magic at the same time. By far, she had managed to use her energy to give life to dying plants and heal small wounds. Taking her book back to the shelf, she turned back to Hannah.

"Runes?" Keira asked, raising an eyebrow. She had read about runes in the books before but she had yet to use them for training.

Hannah nodded opening her mouth. "Yes, runes. Usually, it is used for revealing the truth behind masks or for protection against evil spirits. Come on, I have gotten all the runes."

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