Chapter 9 {Envy Blood}

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"Hmm~ Thia would be getting ready now. I wonder what gown would she be wearing?" A brown hair boy mumble to himself looking down at his watch.

Although the boy wasn't aware of his sister's suffering in the hands of two certain maids.

"Argh!!!! Enough with the dresses!" A blonde girl cried out in distress. The plead clear in her eyes...

"But Milady, how would we know which dresses suit you best if we don't try them all out?" A older dark hair girl disagree.

"Only the best will suit you Cynthia!" Another blonde girl added cheerfully. The two teaming up against the young heiress...

"What did I do to deserve this punishment?!"

"Oh stop being dramatic!" The same blonde girl rolled her eyes.

"Oo~ Erina! How about this pale blue one? I think it will blend well with Milady's eyes!" The older girl pulled out another dress.

"Ah! I agree!"

"Someone help me!!!!" The poor girl cried helplessly. Although her pleads was left unheard...

~ A painful hour later ~

"Ara~ don't be so pouty Thia!" Terisa squeeze her daughter's shoulder in comfort.

"Hmp!" The girl just continue to pout.

"Mom, just leave her be. She's just a little grumpy after going through the dress up. Seriously no need to be so dramatic" Damon rolled his eyes only to receive a dark glare from the blonde girl.

"Shut up Bakaniki! Those two are monsters, trying to shove me into so many different dresses! It was torture!!" Cynthia cried out glaring at her brother.

"Well you look adorable in that midnight blue gown, princess" Vincent compliment with a charming smile.

However his daughter just continue to pout all the way to the Ivan Mansion. The whole family is on their way to gala, invited by one of Vincent close friends, Ashford Ivan.

"Ara~ don't be like that. There'll be so many new people to meet at the gala! You could make a new friend!" Terisa happily suggested but failed catching girl's interest.

"There'll be sweets and desserts...." Damon slyly added and smirk as the Cynthia's eyes twinkle in excitement.

"Chocolate eclair....

Caramel coded chocolate...

Black forest chocolate cake...

And so much more delicious mouthwatering goods~" the Demon Spawn-I mean the young lord singsong with smugness dripping from his tone.

'Curse my sweet tooth!' The blonde heiress internally curse as she lost to the temptation of desserts and sweets.

"Hump! There better be!" Cynthia pout in defeat hiding her face with her long bangs. However her brother continue to find amusement in his sister child-like behavior. The big smirk on his face is a dead giveaway....

"It wounds me that my dear Imouto doesn't believe me~" Damon dramatically sigh placing his palm on his chest in pain. "Shut up Bakaniki!" Was all the reply he received as the girl puff out her cheeks pouting.

The Lady and Lord of Claremore just smile at the sibling's antic. Especially Vincent as he was blessed with two beautiful children and a loving wife. Smiling the the scene, the dark hair lord noticed they have reach their destination.

"Ah it seems like we're finally here" Vincent flash a smile to his family as their carriage come to a stop. A beautiful mansion at sight with all it's beautiful decorations and lights.

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