We Meet Again...

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It was hard to concentrate today. It has been one year since I left Tobias.... I've been trying to keep on my toes, to keep myself busy. I pushed that thought away and tried to focus on Natalie. It didn't help since she looked exactly like Tobias. I could've been looking into Tobias' eyes and never know the difference.

She's my daughter. Her full name is Natalie Aida Eaton. Tobias said if he had a daughter he would want her name to be named Aida....

Again I pushed that thought aside when I got a phone call from Christina.

"Hey Christina! It's been so long!"

"Hey Tris! We are all getting together, the whole high school crew, I mean. Wanna join?"

"Well of course, but... Tobias won't be there right?"

"What kind of friend would I be if invited the one person you've been avoiding for a year." I smiled a little.

"Thank you. Where are we meeting?"

"My house in an hour. The boys are coming too."

"Alright. Bye Chris."


I called Caleb to come babysit Natalie tonight. He argued, saying that he is always forced to babysit and that she is my responsibility. He gave in eventually but it wasn't easy.
+  +  +
An hour flew bye and I was on my way to her house already. I wore a white, long sleeved t-shirt that had the number 46 on it with faded shorts. I lost the baby weight after months of working out so I decided to show it off.

I arrived at her house and Marlene answered the door with her flashy smile.

"Hey Mar. It's been so long since I've seen you." I smiled and she returned a smile with a hug.

"Hey Tris. Come on in."

Everyone was there and I got hug them all. "Tris... I have something to tell you," said Uriah

"Don't kill us it was a last minuet thing" said Zeke. I looked at them confused until realization hit me. I'm not stupid.

"You didn't," I spit out through gritted teeth.

Will spoke up now. "Well you see.... we sort of invited-" he was cut off with a knock at the door.

Christina stood up and answered the doors I couldn't see who it was. I heard her talking with the stranger. It was a man that i couldn't recognize but his voice was so familiar.

I turned to the boys and they all jumped. "I swear to God if it's who I think it is–"

Christina walked back over to the living room with him and I saw his face... oh no. It can't be.... but it was. Tobias.

He was smiling and laughing, but his eyes landed on me and his face dropped.

"Hi Four..." I whispered.


"Suprise...."  said Zeke Uriah and Will together. I glared at them.

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