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warnings: rape,slight bullying


"you're so fucking useless."taehyung laughed,giving jungkook a kick in the stomach,the younger groaning."so fucking weak."

jungkook coughed,clenching his fists and taehyung gave a taunting look to his friends,"did you see that?aww,is little kookie being tough now?"he mocked.

a student walked by and his eyes widened when he saw the scene."j-j-jungkook!"he whispered.

taehyung raised a brow,"what,you're bere to save your little friend,jiminie?"he smirked,his friend going over and giving the shorter boy a shove,making him drop,his books.

jimin started sobbing,he was always known as the weak one.jungkook growled.

jungkook huffed,as he stood us pretty easily."that..that's fucking enough."

taehyung diverted his attentiom back to his usual target,"aww,little baby's getting mad?"jimin took this chance and he ran.

"shit,he's gonna tell."taehyung cursed,"you all go first,i'll deal with this little fag."

his friends nodded and left,leaving the two alone in the empty , unused classroom.

taehyung smirked,jungkook glaring at him. "stop doing that,kookie ."taehyung laughed,but his eyes widened as he was roughly shoved against the wall and pinned by jungkook.

"y-yah,what the fuck do you think you're doing?"taehyung snapped,breath hitching when jungkook brought his face closer and smirked.this brought a blush onto taehyung's face."l-let me the fuck go."

jungkook clicked his tongue,"i don't think so,taetae."taehyung shivered ,he was honestly getting a bit nervous."what the hell do you think you're--ah,fuck!"

jungkook licked his lips and attached them onto taehyung's shoulder,taehyung moaning."s-stop."

smirking,jungkook threw him at the desk and pinned him there,bending down so his ass faced jungkook.his pants and boxers were pulled off and taehyung gasped.

"no- no no no wait- jungkook- fuck!" taehyung groaned in pain when he felt something slam into him,dry.tears welled up in his eyes."j-jungkook,fuck,pull out."

jungkook smirked,"it's no good to bully others,taehyung."he whispered,pulling out and slamming back in.

taehyung cried out,as he started sobbing. "f-fuck,just pull - pull out,kook.stop."

jungkook hummed,"you never stopped when i asked you to,taehyung."he started giving slow thrusts,taehyung crying out that he was sorry.

"j- h-hurts,sto-p,"taehyung choked out, he was gripping onto the table,hard,as jungkook thrusted.blood started mixing with the precum jungkook gave out, but he didn't notice.

"maybe this will stop you from bullying others."

jungkook's cock slammed onto taehyung's prostate and the boy let out a breathy, pained moan.

jungkook groaned,taehyung breathing heavily while clutching onto the desk tightly."fuck,you're so fucking tight."he moaned and came,"don't want to dirty the place."

taehyung whimpered,legs shaking badly as he felt himself get filled up.

jungkook pulled out,eyes widening at what he had just done and the fact that his cum had streaks of red."o-oh fuck!were you a fucking virgin?!"he yelled,and taehyung just cried.

jungkook pulled up his pants,taehyung turning around and backing against the wall after he pulled his own pants up, shaking.

"l-leave me the fuck a-alone..!"taehyung exclaimed in a shaky voice,jungkook looking at his bully in shock and regret. "f-fuck,i'm so fucking sorry,taehyung."

taehyung sniffed,"h-hurt so bad.sorry won't fucking cut it,jungkook!you took it!you took my v-virginity...!"

jungkook stared at him."y-you shouldn't have bullied.shouldn't have p-pushed me, taehyung."he growled,and taehyung looked at him in disbelief.

"so it's my fault now?no matter what i did, i didn't fucking deserve...that!"taehyung screamed,tears rolling down his face.


"just fuck off."


lol this was bad

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