Birdy Walker and the First Kiss Thief (Annie_Moon2001)

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Reviewer: Annie_Moon2001

Author: BEHaynes

Cover: 9/10

The cover is really beautiful. The fonts used are just superb. I love the whole idea used.

Description/Summary: 8/10

It was okay. I just found it a little bit too cliché. It's not a bad thing for a book to be cliché but the problem is that it really did not properly describe the story.

Chapter Review: 7/10

It's really interesting and creative. I noticed some grammatical errors. Tense shifts. Also, there were some places that weren't properly organized. I'd truly love it if the kiss scene would have been used for the ending. Why? Because with the way it currently is, it's as if you're planning on adding more chapters. But ending with the kiss scene makes it easier for your readers to imagine how their relationship will begin and what the next step TJ would make. Also, Drew's reaction when he realises that she's no longer hanging on him. (Totally my opinion)

Activity of the Writer: 6/10

The writer replied to most of the messages on the message board but rarely replies to comments in the comment box.

Plot: 8½/10

The story is really interesting. Aside from all the grammar errors, the story is well written. I love the fact that it didn't lean much on the cliché axis. It was just perfect.I highly recommend this book to all wattpaders.

Overall Advice:

I'll advice that you carefully edit your description/summary. The second thing a reader views in seeing a book is the description/summary right after the cover, so it needs to be appealing. Also, you really need to be more interactive with your readers. Always reply to all messages or comments. A simple hi should be answered. If you're given pointers, be sure to let the person know that you're working on it. That way, you can gain more interactive readers. Finally, I'd advice that you thoroughly edit your book.

That all aside, I'd be giving this book an 8/10

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