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Rebecca's pov

I didn't go down for dinner.

Like I said, I didn't want to feel comfortable, so I just stayed in Emeliano's room, standing by the window and thinking of what tonight holds for me.

After Emeliano's threats, he left the room and told me to come down for dinner, well, me being me, I didn't listen, I just glared at him remaining quiet. My words had left me earlier and my body still reacted to the way he spoke to me...

My body still reacted to his raw words and closeness.

I ran my hands up and down my arm, trying to keep myself warm.

How do I get out of here? Is Emeliano really going to hold me down against my will? Will my sister be worried about me? My mom? Dad? Mason?

Will I even be able to attend April's Wedding? Her wedding was supposed to be six days from now... How will I be able to attend it?

Am I seriously going to stay here with Emeliano? For 14 days?

Is he seriously going to do all those things to me? Will I let him?

God, I have to get out of here! I have to leave this hell hole!

But how?

There are guards everywhere? I'll never make it to the stairs! Or even out the door!

I bit my nails as I paced slowly back and forth.

My stomach grumbled... "No! Not now stomach! You should not be hungry! You have to be patient, we'll get out of here soon enough and I'll feed you... I promise."

Oh, this is sooo not happening.

"Did you ever have a mental record?" A voice echoed from behind me.

I turned to find Emeliano, raising a brow at me. When did he come in?

"What kind of a question is that?"

"You were talking to yourself... I just wanted to know if I kidnapped a psycho..."

"I am not a psychopath. I'm normal... And I don't appreciate you calling me one!"

He sighed and moved to another corner of the room. "Why do you always have to yell?" His voice resounded around the room.

I wonder what he was doing?

"Ever considered the fact that it's because I don't want to be here?" I retorted.

He came out and I had to do a double take on him... He was wearing black sweat pants and a black shirt was in his hands which actually means that he was currently shiftless, and holy hell, boy he was gorgeous... Like he had the perfect body and all other manly features!

I tried to stop myself from staring, but I couldn't, he was just so beautiful.

"Why do I feel like you're about to rape me?" Emeliano's voice broke me out of my trance.

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