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sehyoon was sitting in byeongkwans room sobbing on the floor. byeongkwan sighed and went to hug him which caused the boy to calm down a little "sehyoon look at me, i need you to tell me exactly whats wrong and dont tell me its nothing because i see the cuts and bruises you have" it was sehyoon's turn to sigh as he sat up more before speaking "i was reading my book while listening to music and i'm guessing i didnt hear him knock the first time because he kicked down my door and opened mine then threw the book i-i think he was drunk b-by the fact h-he cut me with a- a blade and then threw me on the f-floor and then he.. he.. he pulled a gun on me but before he could pull the t-trigger i jumped out the window and ran t-to your house and then y-yeah" byeongkwan could tell the other was frightened by the fact his own father was trying to shoot him

"sehyoon we need to call the c-" "no! we cant.. h-he'll break out again" byeongkwan kissed sehyoon before smiling "the hell you smiling about?" "the fact you ran to my house out of all places" sehyoon hid his face in his hands from embarrassment "shut up.."

sehyoon calmed down because of byeongkwans amazing skills of.... idk but whatever he did worked right? anyways, they were watching a movie and you'll know what it is by this next part

"HE DIDNT DESERVE THAT HE'S LITERALLY FIVE HOW COULD YOU YOU FUCKING PURPLE GIANT YOU GOT THE GEMS JUST GO THAT WAS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY" byeongkwan yelled at the tv while crying to sehyoon who was laughing at his sensitive boyfriend "WHY THE HELL ARENT YOU CRYING? DO YOU NOT HAVE A HEART?" "no because you stole it" "........"

"nah i'm kidding"

short but hey atleast its smth sksks

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