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He knew he was in the right place. Not because he had the address, but because you could hear the music three blocks away and you could smell the alcohol. Alex never understood why getting drunk, doing something stupid, and feeling crapy the whole next day was even considered fun. But to his younger sister, Artemis it was the best thing ever.

Alex pushed his way through the mass of people dancing looking for Artemis. Artemis had always loved parties. Whenever he would ask she would always answer the same way" I don't know." Then he saw the familiar mass of dark brown hair. He moved closer realizing that it was Artemis. He grabbed her shoulder. She turned around and gasped. "What the hell man!" She yelled and then giggling from her drunkness. He still had his hand on her shoulder and pulled her outside to his car.

"O hey Alex." she giggled as he buckled he into her seat. " Are you serious Artemis!" Alex yelled," partying, drinking, and drugs!" " Wow dude no drugs. Pugs not drug," she said. He looked at her with a confused face. " Never mind," she said. " I'm here to take you home. Dads gone missing and the cops are coming to question us and search the house including you room so if I were you I would hide your whiskey." Alex said. " Are you accusing me of-" She said but was cut off by a car rear-ending their before another car pushed them into a ditch. But the last thing that Artemis saw before it all went to back was two figures walking towards the car.

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