{GRYPHON - Can You Feel it?}

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Plz Don't Be Sad! MV

It's Still Beautiful MV

The Beginning


Can You Feel It

Plz Don't Be Sad (Instrumental)


Thank you for an amazing year, without our beloved treasures we wouldn't have made it this far and probably wouldn't even be on stage for another year. We've been through a lot as a group but we've always had each other's backs and hope to continue this journey with you all, we're proud to announce that we'll be promoting this album once we return from Monsterverse and hopefully give everyone around the globe a chance to see us perform! We sincerely thank our PD-nim for working hard as always without our PD-nim we would have been goners for sure, please enjoy this album and reminisce about our one year anniversary.

- From the goofs of Gryphon

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