Them as things me and wafflesforeleven (Ava) had done/said😂😂

Me: *shows her a Finn edit*
Ava: *turn around, looks at it, chokes*
Also her: "hEs sO pReciOus"

We went to the depannar, and she found a coke bottle that had the name "Mike" on it and screeched. I'm pretty sure she still has it😂


Me: "Damn, that Finn edit was long!"
Her: *smirking* "That's what she said"


Me: *sends her an edit I started on about Finn*
Me: "Should I finish this??"
Her: "y e s, f i n i s h i t"


Me: *sits down in homeroom desk*
Her: "You have blue sharpie marker on your forehead!"
Me: "Wait what?!" *wipes it*
Me: "Is it off?"
Her: "Yep"
Me: "Are you being honest?..."
Her: " it's still on"

Me: "K bye, see you in second period!"
Her: "Okay bye!" *walks, trips, looks back at me with an embarrassed face*


Us: *watching it 2017*
Her: "Oh I see! I sEe wHats gOing oN here!.... I do- *accidently whips t.v remote at my stomach*
Me: "gAsPs"

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