It's A Poeming Thing

Start from the beginning

further on, unguided, with eyes closed.

Until one misstep

granted the sight

of crushing darkness

and hollowed cold.

I stood alone,

in a hole

of my own

making. Lashing

against it,

I try to

climb out

only to sink

further down

and cave into my despair, welcoming it

as a treasured friend. But then

you called for me, with your worried voice in open display.

Despite the burden we each had to bare together,

I climb out, and wonder why I hadn't grabbed your hand sooner.


Then and Now

From a robin egg blue tube dress as if painted on my skin

to a fluffy black and white, cotton pajama set.


From hovering upon the ground in black, 4 inch platform pumps

to snuggling my toes in warm leopard, fuzzy slippers.


From line shots and wining my body to a feverish heat

to tucking kiddies to bed, relishing my deserved down time.


From standing 'neath blazing sparklers in the night sky overhead

to bedding my Chromebook watching Asian dramas.


From coming home the next morning, ripe with sweat and alcohol

to squealing over my favorite One True Pairing.


From then to now, I'm the same book but with a different cover,

and to the bone, I embrace the night with bits of fun.



You say that I'm pretty

and how we're made for each other.

I ask what you see exactly,

when all I see are the bold strokes

of madness, without the fly away hair,

eyes that tunnel out everything

within sight for something deemed

much better of my time and a zombie-ful soul.

You answer how you know that too,

but that's only the sum of my parts

I wish to see. Regardless you'll still

love me anyways and with your love

you'll reflect the real me.


Shattered Cities

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