Christmas Special

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I know I haven't been alive... but I was trying to figure what to do next. And I thought, I wouldn't really make an actual sequel, because of something which is a surprise. So here's a Holiday Special, and I'll see you all soon. Merry Christmas everyone, or happy holidays, and a happy new year.

Emma's P.O.V

This is suppose to be fucking Los Angels. 

Where did the cold came from? 

It wasn't that cold, but for a fact it was colder than normal. I mean, I use to live near Sans Francisco, so the cold wasn't that bad, but I lived in Los Angels now, so it's cold then usual's. Probably since it was Christmas next week. 

 I got ready, red lips, black turtle neck, red fuzzy sweeter and black jeans. My hair was in a Dutch braid, and I slipped my feet in my Doc Martens.  I grabbed my keys, took my coffee, made sure I got the gifts, and head out.  Still complaining about the cold, get use to it. When I arrived my destination and knocked on the door, I smiled at the beautiful face.

Ethan's P.O.V

"Hey, Love" I greeted. Emma's face was a little more pale, from the cold. Her eyes were sky blue that defines her features more. She stood in her typical out going style, which I loved. A look she pulls off well. Her beauty was hard too not stare at, and she dosen't even try. I was about to lean in but she place his finger on my lips.

"Um, lipstick?" she raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged, and smack my lips on hers. Even after countless kisses we share, I still fell like, what the fuck people call it? Fireworks, like I'm going to burst in excitement. When we pulled back, her lipstick smudged in awkward places, I smirked, "Oops" 

Emma's P.O.V

I rolled my eyes, a small smile on my face, "James here right? I'll borrow something." 

We walked in, and dang Grayson went all out with decorating this year. The place was Christmas wonderland. James stood there, Santa hat, red bright lips, with eyeshadow god knows how he got time to do that, was taking a video probably for Instergram and Snapchat. 

I got tissue and wiped the lip stain as I was coming from the kitchen I photo bomb James story, and winked pulling a peace sign. James just looks back and chuckles.

We were having a photoshoot today for this magazine as a Christmas theme shit, so we all meet up at the Twins and leave from there. 

I went to the tree, and place the gifts there.

"Come here," Ethan pulls me, and we went in his room, he walked to the gift bag sitting on his bed. I sigh.

"Really, you didn't have too." 

Ethan shrugs, "It's one of them."

I raised an eyebrow, but open it up anyways, there was a printer paper that was folded, I opened it up and it says 'I love you' in black and a snowman drew at the bottom.

I laughed, "This is one of my favorite cards I have ever seen."

Ethan smiles, "There wasn't any that suites you, or said what I really wanted in a perfect way"

I snorted, "Picky as always", I pulled out a small Guccie bag. 

"Really? I can't take this Ethan. This is so cute. Why are you spoiling me?" I kissed his cheek.

It was plain black, with a gold Gucci sign, "You actualy remember last time?" I gawked at the bag.

Ethan smirks, "I always keep things in mind what you like. At the mall you eyed this bag as if you're debating ether to steal it or not."

I laughed, and checked if there was anything else, inside there was a white envelope, I opened it up and there was two fucking air plane tickets to go too France.

I looked at him, " No."

"Yes," he nods.

"Oh, my fucking god!" I hugged him, "Seriously, how did you know I wanted to go there?"

"Remember three months ago you told me you wanted us to go somewhere, like Paris? A little get away?"

"How do you remember these stuff? I dont even remember what I ate yesterday!"

"That's why boy friends are made for"

I burst into laughter and smack my lips on his. The feeling was even more exciting.

"Eth-" Grayson burst into the room, "Um, keep it P.G, would yeah?"

Ethan's P.O.V

Just to get Grayson annoyed, I kissed her again, more desperate. When I let go, Emma was blushing hard. I smirked, "Ho, ho, ho mother fucker"

Grayson raise a hand, "We're leaving in five, just be at the car." and he walked away.

I smiled and looked back at my girl, "He seems traumatize" honestly, he looks ridicules with the elf hat.

"Yeah, well watching you're twin making out with his good friend can be a little wierd." Emma raised an eyebrow.

"I'm just so fucking glad I meet you. And got you as my girl friend. God's plan is truly amazing."

She place her arms around my neck, " Well, you know. We went through a lot, we faced obstacles that got us together, and fuck, I rarely say this, but getting things you want isn't easy, at the end you get more then what you hope for. I fucking love you bitch, and I'm grateful everyday."

She was right. All the problems that happen with Bella and shit was finally over. Emma grabbed Grayson's phone after figuring it was Bella who divide us and called her. She told her to stay the fuck out. Bella just wanted 'Ethan's revange' has what happen last time we meet her, and Emma said,

"I don't even care if this has anything to do with the police but we would call them. And report many things. Stay out of his life and Grayson's Because if you go through Ethan and Grayson you gotta go through me first bitch"

After that..  well if I got a threat like that. I'll stay away.

Emma was a hero.

I smiled, "Same to you love." I kissed her.

A lesson was learned from both of us, being patient. Even though we didn't have hope during our problems, or hated life, we still got through it. Life is a game you have to get through, surviving for a goal. And if you have the goal in mind, you wont have to give up. Looking down at Emma, I could see she was something to fight for. I don't thank my self for this, but my friends who helped me as well.

We are the fucking Sister Squad after all

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