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you were heating up the food when you feel two arms wrapping around your waist and a chin over your left shoulder. you leaned back and smiled sweetly.

you: what are you doing?

jungkook? hugging you.

you: in the morning? pfftt why?

jungkook:  i missed you..

and that made you burst into laughter, jungkook let go of you and let you wheeze there as you lean over the counter, jungkook smirked as a dirty thought passed by his mind. but quickly shook his head and forget about it.

jungkook: I have a huge ass headache right now and that's why im going to leech onto you, so bare with it.

he jokingly spoke as he look at you calming down from the laughter. he soon continued hugging you from behind.

you: you know we look like a couple.

jungkook: but we are already a couple.

you: you know like the--

he spinned you around and pecked your lips making you caught off guard and stop mid sentence. jungkook spoke as soon as there is a space between you both.

jungkook: you speak too much y'know that?

you: now you don't want me speaking?

jungkook: aish..

jungkook scooped you and placed you on the counter, only a few milimeters between you. but then the microwave decided to finish right now and a loud ding was heared. few seconds after that you were laughing while hopping out of the counter and get the heated up food, while there's the complete different jungkook from earlier that is pouting while sulking.


you were both eating quietly when suddenly a question popped in your head.

you: so when are we going back?

jungkook: when I finally got the confidence to show up.


the reason why the names aren't bold bcuz i wrote it in the Microsoft word while i was using the computer.
and also, sorry for the short chapter cuz it's supposed to be a filler.
our internet isn't that good so that's why I didn't update yesterday which is when I was supposed to upload this chap.
so yeah that's it, have a nice day everyone!



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