Fighter Woman

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After that, we were never the same. We got more closer in our relationship. The air hostesses and hosts looked at us as if they knew what we were up to.

When we reached the small island, it was already night, and we fell asleep, jet lagged. That was not my first time on a plane, so I was very thankful. The first time, I refused to go to the washroom and eat. After all, I hated public washrooms, but Aniket assures that the plane was newly built and that it was its first trip.

I hated sharing washrooms, because honestly, there could be so many people with so many diseases sitting on the toilet, and you can never be too careful when it comes to health.

On the plane, after we completed our activities, I told Aniket that I found sharing saliva disgusting. He laughed at me and then kissed me, with tongue. At first, I hated it. I washed my mouth so many times, Aniket almost puked from laughing at me. Afterwards, he was kind of offended, so I kissed him to make up for it.

It was okay, so I don't know what I was going on about.

When I woke up on the small hotel bed, I wondered why there was a tiny bed in the midst of the biggest hotel room you could find.

How wealthy was my husband? I mean, he had a private plane.

I turned to look at him. He was sleeping like a child, and I wanted to touch his soft features.

I never wanted a chauvinistic husband. Aniket was charismatic, but not too cocky. He also believed in my values and gave me space and time.

Yet, While he made a strenuous effort to have a healthy relationship with me, I was hiding secrets. Secrets are categorized unhealthy in a relationship.

I need to give him an heir. Then he will be tied to me, and through me, to his family. Mayma will not know about her adopted son.

I hope.

I sighed. If Mayma did come to know, what will happen?

She was already weak, and I was already guilty that I left her behind. But leaving her for a week, rather than watching her suffer when she learns that Aniket isn't her own child, will be more painful.

I hated that I was doing exactly what I promised myself I wouldn't.

I didn't want to be the domestic and maternal figure who cooked, cleaned and took care of the children. I wanted to do more. More than be the sixteenth century woman.

I will never be like that.

Aniket stirred, and I came back from my thoughts. I wasn't wearing clothes and Aniket was staring at me. In the eyes.

I realized that, another man couldn't be this pure and innocent as Aniket. He was very respectful, and I loved that about him. But, I wanted him to notice me, love me more.

"So shy, Aniket." I say, stretching my arms.

"What?" He asks, groggily.

"Never mind." I groan, yawning.

"Wanna join me in the shower, before I go?" He asks, now on his side and looking at me amusedly.

"Go?" I jerk up to meet his eyes. "Where are you going?"

"To a meeting." He says nonchalantly.

"We're on our honeymoon, you do realize that right?" I ask, tilting my head.

"Yes, Krithi." He sighs. "I know we're on our honeymoon. I thought you would understand since you're a workaholic yourself."

"I do." I frown at him. I didn't tell him that I wanted to be with him. I wanted to get to know him more.

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