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Remember Me?

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I saw what you were doing……

But you didn’t See Me

I’m Trying to Scream to Let you know that I’m Here….That I haven’t left you….That I still love you and care about you that I want you to stop…

It’s not worth it…Their not worth it…I know that now….

I wish I had known that before I hurt myself…Before I hurt you before I hurt mom and dad….I always thought that they hated me that they really didn’t care if I did die….I know now that they do……After I died they showed how much they love me….I’m so sorry that it seems like they ignore you that it seems like they don’t care about you and their only concern is what happened to me

…..I know They love you…..They love you sooo much Duck! They’re just healing it might take a long time but they’ll get there …I didn’t just cut through my skin I cut through theirs as well….. I shouldn’t have done it but it happened so fast…With Shane and Those girls at school He wasn’t supposed to find out…Not Yet anyway… I needed More time to fix it to get rid of it…..But they found out before I could….And they told Shane Everything….Everything that I wanted to keep in a bottle was found out……Everyone knew about it before the school day ended and I regretted that moment in the bathroom the moment I found out your existence that you were inside me a part of me….I’m so sorry….I love you…..I Love you Soooo Much! I wish I could have seen you grow up see how you became how you are ………..I did But it wasn’t the same  

Please don’t follow in my footsteps……..I don’t want you making the same mistakes and having to go through the pain I went through….I want better for you now that you’re here and know who you want to be…You’ll get there Baby! Don’t let anything distract you don’t worry about what people say to you! I did I let it all come crashing down on top of me….  And believed it….My Head knew none of it was true but my heart just kept soaking it up…..I hope they told you the truth about me already

You deserve to know…Your 15 now…..It’s been 10 years since I died and I want you to have some connection to me…Some way you can feel close to me and know me in some way or another……

In case they haven’t told you…..I will right now….I don’t know if you can hear me but it won’t hurt to try……

~Soooo Yeahh....An Idea I had in my head....and I wanted to try it out :)) I know it kinda seems dumb at the moment but it will explain itself soon I was having a bad day and i needed a break from my 1D fanfic :PP(Which you are welcome to read) I hope you liked it! There might be more come but i have to see what happens with it....Please Comment! Fan! and Vote! ~Morgan

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