Authors note

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Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

The queens lady is going to be one long one shot. I figured I would do it as one long chapter instead of multiple chapters, that way all of the details would be on one page. It would be like a never ending stream of consciousness, a never ending flowing river. I hope all of you enjoy it!

Here is the synopsis of the story!

England, 1865.

Elise has just married king George of England, and is not looking forward to her marriage. For one matter, George is a violent, a drunk, and does not respect Elise at all. He neglects her most of the time, only wanting to produce boys. He does not believe that a daughter would suit the kingdom.

Elise wants nothing more than to be loved by someone. She knows George does not love her, and she does not love him. She wants someone who will love her for every part of her.

Katherine is the new lady in waiting to release, and her immediate reaction is absolute wonder. She loves Elise with all of her heart, and wants the queen for herself. She desires to have Elise all to herself, and does not want George in the way.

As their relationship blossoms into something passionate, Katherine and Elise realize that they are destined to be together for all of eternity. And with the arrival of a beautiful baby girl on the way, they will do anything and everything to keep her safe... Even if that means removing George from the Palace.

I hope you enjoy!

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