Chapter Seventeen : Oh My God/Aigoo

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The two handsome boys stop in their tracks, frozen in place.

Dalia gets on our hands and knees and starts crawling towards them on the bed.

Dalia! Don't! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!  I began crying. Jebal.

Oh god. The shame. They will have me mating on tape. I will be ruined and so embarresed, not to mention how kinky Dalia is.


Dalia shuts off our mind links so that she can't hear me. This will break me.

"Y/n, maybe you don't wanna do this...people are watching us." Ten says.

"They just want to watch how you react, it doesn't have to lead to anything." Taeyong states, slowly backing away.

"No we want this. I want this. Let's do it right here right now. Let the whole pack see, I don't care." Dalia gets on her feet and is now off of the bed. Ten hadn't moved a muscle. I can tell that his wolf is driving him to mate with us. He wants me the most. 

Taeyong's eyes suddenly blaze with lust at my words. The idea of mating with me causing me to moan so loud that the other pack members hear turns Taeyong on. 

I think he has a kink for mating in public places. 

Ten sees his reaction to my words and slowly prowls towards me, his eyes begining to turn dark. 

"The thing is...I hate sharing." Ten says growling. He wasn't holding back anymore. His eyes turned the color of his wolf's and I knew in that instant that Eight was trying to take over. His eyes were clouded with jealousy and want. 

Dalia saw the desire Taeyong had and she whimpered. 

Ten growled in protest. "Don't look at him, look at me only." 

"No, look at me princess. Watch. me."

Dalia's slick was running down her legs and her eyes wandered to the both of them. She stripped our clothes off slowly, sexily, teasing them. Ten and Taeyong began to drool and slowly walk closer. She turned around so that her back was facing them and she slid off her panties while holding on to the bottom of the bed. 

Ten and Taeyong both groaned at the sight. Their members standing hard in their pants. Dalia let out a moan. 

Ten eyed Dalia suspciously. Because he was our true mate he could sense things that Taeyong couldn't. Ten cocked his head to the side. "Dalia, where's Y/n?"

Dalia froze at his words. "What do you mean?" 

"I will only repeat myself once, where is she?"  Dalia whimpered. She was turned on and he used his dominant voice, which really only made her wetter. Her wetness rolled down her legs. 

"Damn Ten, I think she likes being dominanted." Taeyong pointed to my leg. I blushed at the gester. 

"That's impossible." Ten said.

"How come?" Taeyong asked.

"Because she's a dominant she wolf. I smelt it on her."

Taeyong watched me harder now. "Huh, that was that strong smell coming off of her that  I choose to ignore, earlier."

"Bring. her. back." Ten commanded.

Dalia whimpered one last time and complied. 

"No. Shit." I said out loud. I wobbled on my feet because It had been a while since I had been on them. Ten and Taeyong walked closer to help me but I growled at them. Thier scents were intoxicating espeically Ten's and with both of their scents put together I would loose it if they both touched me. 

No. Dalia I don't wanna be here right now.

Dalia just whimpered in response. 

I looked down and noticed I was naked. 

"Oh my god." 

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