Chapter Sixteen : Fuck Dignity

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What the fuck.

This bitch is lying to us. Right?

I don't think so, Dal...

What the fuck are we going to do, Y/n?

I don't know, Dalia. Damn give me a second.

This heat is blinding my senses.

And I still have the need to fuck Ten and Taeyong, Y/n. I honestly can't hold off any longer. If we are going to be drivin to the end of our sanity at least let me get a dick or two in before-you know.

Are you FUCKING joking? We just got told we might die and all you care about is getting dick? How the hell did I get stuck with a needy, self-entilted, stuck up, lazy ass, and horny wolf, like you? I sneered at her.

Yeah, well, whatever. You can't fool me, Y/n, I know you think about fucking them as much as I do and their wolves think about it to. I can feel them both calling me as we speak. You were thinking it, I just said it to you out loud, so you wouldn't ignore what you truly feel and want deep down inside. You want dick inside you! Juts admit it!

"SHUT UP!" I screamed out loud. I didn't even realize I did it until I looked at Jane who was watching me with weary eyes. "I'm sorry. My wolf is crazy."

She nods in semi-understanding. I chuckle akwardly and shrug my shoulders.

"Y/n. I know this might be the last thing you want to hear right now, but we need to run one last test." She says, as she strolls over by my bedside to undo the straps that were holding my arms in place. When she's done she walks back over to the door and watched me there.

Dalia growls at the word, test.

"Like what..." I lean towards the front of my bed and watch her intently, raveling in the fact that my hands were free.

"We need to bring the boys in here and we need to observe what you do and how they respond."

"Are you insane? That is a horrible idea. I won't be able to stop, once I start. When are you planning on doing this..." Dalia howls in anticipation and excitement.

"Right now..." Jane says.

At the door stands Ten and Taeyong. My mouth starts saluvating and my heat admittely starts. I howl out loud. Jane steps out of the room.

There are probably cameras in here.

Who cares?

They are going to watch us mate. Doesn't that bother you even a little bit?


You're so freaky.

What? It excites me to be watched. I like it.

Well I still have my dignity left and I won't let you jeopartize that!

Well you don't have a say.

The door to the room I am in locks and shuts. Well theres no going back now. I whimper and watch as Ten and Taeyong prowl towards me. My eyes dart back and forth between the two of them.

And then I loose consciouness as Dalia takes over and speaks;

"God. I've waited too long for this." She smirks at Ten and Taeyong.


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