my innocent eyes arent innocent anymore and i wanna cry

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Ok im here traumatized by everythibg i knew

But ok

So yday, i was looking up for my phone (yes my mum hides my phone during week cuz she thinks it unconcentrates me for some reason, prob cuz im stupid lmao, and so she doesnt give it to me till weekends and that depends on my grades :))

And i stole it hahah.

But anyways-

As i was looking, i went my dad's cupboard to find my phone.

And guess what i find?

B o o m

I find condoms and lube.

Not only t h a t

I find dildo which was matched to vibrator.

And as i was in shock and in disgust, i pressed something and it started v i b r a t i n g.

And honestly???

I feel so disgusted rn and i wanna die.

Later i spend on washing my hands with shampoo.

Do yall know where my phone was?

We have an old family table with a drawer which my mum uses for her cakes.

And the phone was in drawer.

I wanna die :)

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