Chapter 10

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Once me and Trinity went in the school i went to me locker. Remembering I had nothing in it that I needed I turned around and went to Trinity's locker instead.

This week was gonna be short since im not going to school the last two days of the school week. Most of the people will most likely be at the trip. Heck, even Trinity and Michelle are going.

There's also a rumor of Mr.Hester going. Hopefully this was just a joke. I'll feel bad for Trinity and Michelle if he does.

"You done yet?"I asked her.

"Almost" she said as she slipped up her bag "Done!"

I turned and started walking towards the exit of the school with Trinity next to me.

Once we got outside the school I told her the rumor. She stopped walking and turned red

"NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU"She said. I laughed at the face she made. She had this KMS look on her.

"I feel so bad for you and Michelle" I said with a smile and holding back laughter.

I walked about a yard before laughing at their situation. Mr.Hester is all sorts of gay and stalker. I heard he followed Trinity home one time.


I really hope that's not true.

We stopped by Taylor's locker to see of she was good to go. As usual she wasnt yet. We waited near her locker and everone else was there too.

Once we were all ready we started to walk down the hallway talking about some random things. From school, trips, hangouts, anime, interests, and all that jazz.

Once we reached class we went in and sat in our seats. Thankfully they were close to each other. We talked until class started. Mostly everyone was on time. Although some people *cough skeletons cough* were not here.

I couldn't care less. Although the tall one is kinda...... How do i say this.... .. Cruel-ish.

I shouldn't care.

So i chose not to.

I'm not that person from the past.

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