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Hope you will be satiSFIED

cuz i never will, dont do life kids

Also words underlines is the way their comunicate, like writing on ur arm or smth.

Also non-binary Laf for first time!!!




It was 20:00 and Lafayette was laying on his bed in glasses, trousers, woozy black socks with pink heart, beanie and pattern shirt.

Their was reading fifty shades of grey till their felt twitching on his left arm.

Their heart began to pound of excitment.

It was their soulmate, the one who always us here for them, the one who loves them and accepts them.

Lafayette and him felt their connection months ago, when Lafayette was still in highschool.

His name is Hercules Mulligan, he is Irish and he is going in college for major sewing and law.

In Ireland.

Hercules however promised that they both will meet one day but not now cause he needs money for New York and for his family to live on.

'Are you up?'

The soft red scarish words had appeard on their arm.

Lafayette smiled.

They took his pen.

'Yes I am. Why aren't you asleep? Its like 4:03 at Ireland."

Lafayette wrote it down, smiled and waited for his next answer.

'Couldn't sleep. I was thinkin' 'bout you."

The next answer had appeared on their caramel skin and blush on his face.

They  gulped and write down.

'That is very sweet of you but please go and sleep.'

Lafayette waited so couple of minutes and the next answer appeared.

'I can't.'

The simple answer was written.

Lafayette sighed, took of his glasses.

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