=+ Stargazing +=

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verb. gerund or present participle: stargazing

observe the stars.


(Y/n)'s POV

As we continued walking, my gaze was still on that angry boy as we walked away.

Shoto and I— well I, was a bit unsettled by that boy. He seemed pretty mean, like a bully.

I continued watching the ash-blonde boy as we walked away, but then I saw another boys' head poke out from behind the door that the ash-blonde had got thrown out of.

I lifted a brow with interest.

I slowed my pace a little so the boys wouldn't go out of my sight.

The boy peeking out of the door was dressed with a lot of bandages. I could see slight scratches and...burns? showing from underneath the fabric. He had dark green, unruly hair and sparkling green eyes. The greenette looked at me with his round green eyes but I didn't stick around to talk to him.

But I sympathized for the green-haired boy a little.

He seemed pretty beaten up. Did the angry boy do that to the green boy?

Hesitantly, I turned my gaze away from the two other boys and walked on.

"....That was weird," I muttered under my breath, looking at Shoto.

"Yeah," Shoto agreed, tucking his hands in his shorts pockets.

I shook my head slightly and continued to lead Shoto through the hall we were in. We came closer to the end of the hallway and I could see the door that led to the stairwell we needed to go up.

I turned back to Shoto and pointed ahead of me. "We just have to go through that door and then we'll be closer to where we wanna be," I reported happily.

He only nodded in return.

I turned back around and picked up the pace. Finally, having made it to the end, I stepped forward and pushed the door open, then we made our way up through an old staircase which led to the rooftop.

I quickly dashed up the first few flights of steps, feeling excited to see the pretty sky. Shoto followed behind me, swiftly keeping my pace. Step after step, I had made it to the door which let us go outside. After the last step has been stepped over, I surged forward and pushed my body against the door. The door screeched open and we were met instantly with a chilly breeze.

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