Cannibal Tord X Tom

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Warning: Blood and gore (kind of)


No one's P.O.V (I tried writing in Tom's P.O.V but it was hard)

Matt and Tom were sitting on the couch, watching 'Doctor Why' on the telly. Matt's mind was in the moon, as he was day dreaming about himself and how perfect he is. Tom, on the other hand, was drinking from his flask though his flask was not filled with smirnoff or any type of alcoholic drinks. Simple. It was filled with human blood.

The two dared not to speak as both were minding there own business. Matt suddenly remarked ,"Hey Tom, wouldn't it be cool if we were in 'doctor why'?" Tom instantly shook his head and was close to spit out his drink. "No, No, No. Matt you know that, that show is the worst. Why are we even watching it?!" Tom replied. Matt just shrugged and took out his mirror saying "Hello hottie." Tom rolled his pitch black eyed.

Soon that silence had to be broke. A scream erupted from Edd's bedroom making Tom bolt out of his seat to see if Edd is alright, while Matt stayed there ignoring the scream (Wow Matt, Just Wow, you're an awesome friend). Tom arrived at Edd's door and knocked. "Edd are you alright?" Tom asked as he started to feel like something bad happened to his friend. Edd didn't respond making Tom more nervous.

Tom, shakily, put his hand on the door knob. Twisting it as slowly and as quietly as he could. The pitter patter of the rain that hit the roof made Tom had an even worse feeling then before. He finally got the courage to open the door and he was more then afraid when he saw what was revealed to him.

There was Edd, laying in a pool of his blood, surrounded by his organs that seemed to be bitten. His flesh was also bitten, blood slowly oozing its way out. Tom's breath hitched. He was shaking with fear and sadness. A thought had hit Tom's mind which made him mindlessly call out for Matt. Matt's footsteps could be heard as Tom almost puked from the sight. Yes, Tom did love drinking blood, but he got blood from the hospital.Tom used to steal the bag that they store the blood in so he never saw a gory sight of someone being dead, bitten.

Matt arrived and widen his brown eyes. Tom whispered ,"M-Matt the murderer could still be in the house so let's bolt out of here okay?" Matt nodded and as they raced to the front door, Matt asked "What about Tadd?" Almost face-palming, Tom responded "Who cares about him!?"

Out of the blue, the boys heard a sadistic chuckle. "Aw Tommy, that's a bit rude to say, en baby gutt som du burde ikke si det." (Sorry if the translation is bad, I used google translate SMH)

Upon hearing what Tord said, Matt stumbled on his feet making him fall. Tom was about the help him, but a knife was thrown, hitting Matt's chest. Tom gasped a loud gasp and fell to the floor. Tord came out, his face was covered with was covered in blood. Tom's eyes went white as his skin turned pale.

The brit was afraid, scared for his life. Tord walked towards Tom slowly. Tord gripped the knife that killed Matt and pulled it out. Tord licked the knife and whispered, "Kjæreste, I know that you like to drink blood, so here take some of Matt's blood." Tom shook his head, got up and made a run. This action made Tord chuckle as he ran after Tom, who he instantly caught and pinned him to the wall.

"Don't worry baby blå, I won't kill or eat you....After all, We have to keep the promise we made years ago, remember the promise baby blå?" Tord questioned as he traced the knife along Tom's cheek. Tom shook his head and looked meekly at Tord.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, baby blå, our promise was to get married! Now baby blå let's go prepare our wedding and let's prepare the food with Matt's flesh. The food is going to be delicious." Tord dragged Tom away and both boys were never seen in London again.     

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