A New Day

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"Come on, Up up up! It's morning babygirl.. " I feel Steve shake me lightly and then pick me up.

"What the fuck?" What the hell is he doing?

"Fuck!" I swear as he lands a hard swat on my Pajama clad bum.

"Language, babygirl!" He scolds me again with another swat as last night comes flashing back to me. All I can manage is a groan.

He rubs my back and I feel like I am falling asleep all over again. Fuck it. He can carry me if he wants. I don't mind so long as I get to sleep. I keep my head on his shoulder and fall back asleep.

He takes me downstairs and I am wide awake suddenly when he puts me on an adult highchair and then tries to strap me in.

"What the fuck is this?" I ask in disbelief as he straps my hands at my side to the chair and opens the tray case.

"Mila, listen to me and listen to me very carefully. If I hear you swear one more time today, I will spank your tushy tomato red and then wash your mouth with soap. Do you want that?" I am scared. Why is he so serious. We swore all the time until yesterday!

I shake my head.

"Words baby, please."

"No, " I say.

"Good girl, now time for breakfast!" He gives me his charming smile and then brings a bowl with something smashed in it. Will he make me eat the baby food? Oh fuckkkkk.

"Come on, open up for daddy pretty thing.. " He coos at me with a huge spoon infront of my mouth. I make a face.

"Have one bite. It's really yummy, you are going to like it babygirl." He looks at me expectantly and some happy that I eat it. I don't want to disappoint him.

Oh boy. It's not bad. Not bad at all. I can taste bananas in there, which is like my favourite food ever. So that's all good. Except, the big spoon he is using to feed me is smearing food all over my mouth and cheek. It's pretty sticky and annoying although he seems to be enjoying it. I manage, resisting the urge to free my bound hands to clean my face with a darn napkin.

"aww you look so pretty Mills.. " He says as he wipes his hands with a napkin and takes out his phone to click a picture. I make a face but that seems to amuse him all the more. He chuckles at me.

"Let's go for a bath now... " He unstraps my hands and picks me up after wiping my face off.

"Where did you get the highchair from?" I wonder out aloud while he carries me upstaits to our room.

"Oh, you'd be surprised!" He smirks and kisses my cheek.

He takes me in for a bath and surprisingly there are bath bubbles and toys in the bath tub. After the initial surprise and resistance wears off, I sort of enjoy him rubbing me clean, while I concentrate on the rubber duckies.

"Come on, bath time over, let's get you dressed now." He says as he stands up and holds a huge fluffy towel for me to go and let him wrap around me.

I am slightly disappointed. I was enjoying this more than I thought I would. He smiles at me knowingly while I go to the towel.

He wraps me up and carries to the bedroom. He lays my down on a rubber mat that he has placed on the bed.

"We will need a changing table and a crib." He tells me as he wipes me dry and blow dries my hair. He then powders me up which is very embarrassing but feels so good. He then puts me in a white crop top.
"and some new cute clothes as well.. "

I blanch when I see him pick a diaper. "What's that?" I eye it like it's a snake or a needle.

"We will go shopping today, alright?" He ignores me and untapes the diaper.

"I am not w-wearing that thing.. "

"Baby.. It's okay.. I know all this is so new to you..  But you're gonna get used to it.. And like it.. "

"No! No! No Steve! I am not going to wear that thing!" Whatever is he doing? I did not think he'd go so far and do this.

"It is daddy to you, little miss and I am not giving you a choice here. You will wear the diaper and use it too." He tells me firmly.

I start thrashing around when he tries putting that thing on me.

He sighs. "We can do this all day, baby. None of us is going anywhere."

"Please.. please.. Don't make me.. " I am crying like a fucking goddamn baby!

"Shh.. don't cry.. there is absolutely no need to shed tears my precious. You're stressing yourself out needlessly. What are you scared of? There is no one else here to see you or judge you, it's only us, right? It's just the two of us baby." He picks me up and places me on his laps while rubbing my back. Despite myself I calm down.

"Now, can you try real hard to be a good girl for me and let me put this on you?"

"Why do we haveee tooo?" I am still whining.

"Cos it will help in putting you in the right headspace babygirl. Come on now.. Come on" He says and starts tickling my sides and before I know it I am giggling and squealing, trying to get away from the tickle monster.

"That's how I like my baby, all smiles!" I am still happy and laughing while he manages to tape a diaper to me.

"Time for your bottle and a nap now?" He asks me as he picks me up and takes me downstairs to the living room. I am too perplexed to decide how to feel. This is exhausting.

"You said this would be relaxing.. It's only been extremely exhausting so far..." I tell him wearily looking at the bottle he is making.

"That's cos you are thinking way too much about everything. Let go and trust me to take care of you. Alright?" He tells me as he carries me back to the living room. He sits on the sofa and places me on his laps.

I whine a little when he tries to put the bottle in my mouth.

"there there.. " He starts off as I finally take the bottle due to his persistent probing the nipple at my mouth. I don't like the bottle much. He understands when I want to take it out again and just holds me closer and tighter against his warm body and starts swaying me a little. Before I know it, I have fallen asleep.

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