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I made it back to the house just as Stefan was leaving. 

"Ready to go?" he asked. 

"Yeah, just gotta grab my bag." I said, heading to the door. 

I walked inside in search for my bag. I turned and Damon was there holding out a black Gucci bag.  

"I already put all of your school stuff in it, so don't worry." he said. 

"Thanks... I guess." I said, not sure if I should be grateful or annoyed that he had already packed my school stuff before I had actually decided to go. 

"Have a great first day." he said. 

"I'll try." I said. 

He laughed. I walked out the door and Stefan was waiting for me in his silver Nissan Skyline GTR. I got in and dumped my bag on the floor. Stefan started driving and I turned the radio on. 'Shots' by Lil Jon ft. Lmfao was playing. I was glad it wasn't the clean version, that one annoyed me. We made it to school within 10 minutes. There were stares, of course, but not as much as there were with the Camaro. When we got out, there were still stares, but not a the car. Almost all the girls were staring at Stefan. The few exeptions were the ones glaring at me with jealousy. 

"I think you have some admirers." I murmered to Stefan. 

"It appears that way, doesn't it?" he murmered back. 

"Some of them are glaring at me." I whispered. 

"I wonder why that is." he said. 

"Oh, I don't know, maybe cause I'm standing next to you?" I said. 


"I bet you 10 bucks that I'm gunna get cornered in the bathroom and get bashed cause I was talking to you." I said. 

"I doubt that they would go to that extent." he said. 

"Oh, you'd be surprised." I replied. 

We had made our way to the main office and we walked up to reception. After a little compulsion, we got everything sorted out and I was looking at my new timetable. 

"It appears that I have English first, what do you have?" I asked. 

"History." he said. 

"You'll be great at that, seeing how your, what? 150?" I said. 

"Very funny." 

"It is, isn't it?" I replied. 

At that moment the bell rung. I made my way to English and handed the teacher my note. 

"Marni Salvatore," he read. "Welcome to Mystic Falls." 

"Thanks." I muttered. Since I was one of the first ones to class, I chose to sit up the back. Eventually the rest of the class filed in and the lesson began. 

About 5 minutes into explaining about how we were going to be learning about mythology for the next few weeks, the teacher was interupted by a knock on the door. 

"Ah, Mr Gilbert, late again I see." the teacher, Mr Collins, said. 

Standing at the door was a boy with dark hair pale skin and brown eyes. Judging from the last name, I was guessing that this was Jeremy. Oh, and get this, the only seat available was the one next to me. Cliche much? What are the odds? 

"Sorry Sir." he murmered and made his way to the back. He sat down and pulled his stuff out. He turned his head towards me and put his hand out. 

"Hey, I'm Jeremy." he said. 

"Marni." I replied, shaking his hand. 

"You new here?" he asked. 

"Yeah, just started today actually." I said. 


I nodded. Well, that had gone well. 

Eventually lunch time came around and I pulled my phone out and texted Stefan 

Me: where r u? 

Stefan: outside the toilets 

Me: k i'll meet u there 

Stefan: k 

I found the toilets, and sure enough Stefan was there, with a million girls staring at him. 

"C'mon, lets go eat lunch." he said and we walked outside and chose a table to sit at. 

"So, how was English?" he asked. 

"Good, you'll never believe who was in that class and had to sit next to me." I said 

"Who?" he asked. 

"Jeremy. It was like something out of a really cliche romance book." I said, shaking my head in disbelief. 

"How'd it go?" he asked. 

"Good, introduced eachother, talked a little, but that was about it. How was your class?" I asked. 

"It was alright, Elena was in my class. Alot of the girls were distracted from their work. Can't imagine why that would be though." he said. 

"No, not at all." I said. 

The rest of the day passed and finally ended. We got home and I opened the door and walked into the living room. 

Waiting for me was a girl with long blonde hair and dark eyes. 

"Oh, my god! Lexi!" I screamed.

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