Diapered road trip game

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You are getting ready for a road trip with your friends. You packed a whole duffle bag full baby diapers and pull ups. There are 3 baby plastic toilets in the car.
Here is how the game works + rules:
There are 4 people in the car which means that whoever is driving at the time has to wear a diaper. Everyone else can chose to wear a diaper or a pull-ups diaper. If you choose to wear a pull ups the goal is not to wet or mess it.(you have to hold your need to pee or poop for as long as you can) You have to make it to the back of trunk of the car where all the plastic toilets are and use one of the toilets. (It is an open trunk so you need to climb over the seats to get to it.) if you end up wetting or messing your pull-ups you will be punished and have to do an embarrassing dare in public that has something to do with wetting or messing.
If you choose to wear a diaper you must wet and or mess your diaper until it leaks.
Only the driver can choose when to stop but it must be because their diaper is leaking or full of poop. Also if you do wet or mess your pull up you are forced to wear a diaper until the next time you stop.
You and your friends who's names are: Emily, Davina, and Shelby.
Before you all leave the house each of you pick choose if you are going to be wearing a diaper of pull-ups.
"Okay remember whoever is driving first will have to be wearing a diaper." You say.
"I will be wearing a pull up." Emily says.
"I will be wearing a diaper." Shelby says.
"I will also be wearing a diaper." Davina says.
"And I will be wearing a pull up." You say.
"Alright now who will be driving?" You ask looking at Shelby and Davina.
"I'll drive." Davina says.
You and Emily put on your pull ups while Shelby and Davina put diapers on each other. Cause that is another rule. Whoever is wearing a diaper can't change themselves.
Once everyone is changed we all climb into the car. No one is wearing anything to cover their diaper.
Davina starts up the car and drives off. The radio is quietly playing and everyone is doing their own thing. Shelby is sitting in the front seat because she has no reason to need to climb into the trunk for the toilet.
Emily is sitting next to you quietly reading a book and drinking some water. You rummage through the cooler and try to find your water bottle and a snack.
About 20 minutes into the drive Emily is sleeping and you are watching a movie. You start to feel a slight urge to pee but you hold it and focus on the movie.
Emily soon wakes up and watches the movie with you while snacking on some crackers.
Once the movie ends you stare out the window for a while. You have your hand shoved between your legs because you really need to pee. It is quite and you start to hear someone peeing. You sit up and see the front of Davinas diaper turning yellow.
'Lucky bitch' you thought.
You look over and Emily is squirming in her seat. Her hand is shoved against her pull ups and her lips are pierced shut.
You know that she can't hold it much longer but neither can you.
Emily quietly unbuckles her seat belt and rushes to the trunk. You also unbuckle your seat belt and rush to the trunk.
You aren't paying any attention to Emily as you quickly pull down your pull ups and sit on the plastic toilet. You start peeing full force as the sound of you peeing becomes quite audible throughout the car.
You then look over and see a relaxed face on Emily. You look down to see that she still has her pull-ups on as she is sitting on the toilet wetting her pull ups.
You finish peeing and then pull your dry pull ups back up.
"Emily didn't make it to the toilet in time and she wet her pull ups." You said.
Emily got off the toilet and laid down in the trunk. You grabbed a diaper and took off Emily's wet pull ups. You threw them away and changed her into a diaper before both of you climbed back up to your seats.
You hear Davina grunting. Then you smell fresh poop. Next you hear Shelby grunting and the odor of poop gets stronger. You start to feel the need to poop as well and it is coming on strong.
It only took 5 minutes until you raced to the trunk of the car and pulled down your pull ups and sat on the toilet. You grunted as you pushed smelly poop out of you and into the toilet.
Soon Davina pulled into a rest area. Everyone got their diapers changed and choose what they were going to wear next.
"Emily, do you need to poop?" Shelby asked.
"Ya." Emily said.
"Good because it's time for your punishment." Shelby said as she handed Emily a pair of while panties and white leggings.
"Now, I want you to go over and wait in that line for the girls bathroom and once there are a few other people behind you, you are going to start squirming and then you are going to poop your pants." Shelby said.
Without a word Emily took the diaper off and put on the white panties and leggings and walked over to the line for the girls bathroom.
It took about 5 minutes for another girl to get in line behind Shelby and by then she was already squirming for real. About a minute later she stopped squirming. We all watched as her leggings slowly started to bulge out as poop started filling up her panties. Her leggings were turning brown in the butt from the poop and she now had streams of pee running down her legs.
Emily quickly came walking back over to us.
"That was so embarrassing!" Emily said.
"That's the point, maybe now you will learn to not wet your pull up." Shelby said as she changed Emily into a diaper.
Emily looked up and noticed the women that was standing behind her in line watching her get put into a diaper.
For the next round Davina was in a pull ups, Emily was forced to wear a diaper for this round, Shelby was in a diaper, and you were also in a diaper.
Shelby was driving and you were in the passenger seat.
A few hours passed before Davina jumped out of her seat and into the trunk and the sound of pee hitting the empty toilet because audible. You started wetting your diaper. Shelby started peeing too and her diaper started leaking so she pulled over and everyone changed.
You put a pull ups on and so did Shelby and Davina. Emily wore a diaper and was the driver.
It didn't take long before you were squirming around in your seat. You quickly got up and started climbing over the seat to get to the trunk. You were just starting to pull your pull ups down when a pile of soft poop started ozzing out of you. You pulled down your pull ups to your ankles as soft poop kept on coming out of you. Davina looked back at you. She looked down.
"You didn't make it to the toilet and you pooped on the ground!" Davina said.
"Y/N I know what your punishment is gonna be." Davina said with a smile.
Davina changed you into a diaper.
When it was time to stop at a gas station Davina, Shelby, And Emily all put shorts on over their diaper and pull ups. In the trunk of the car Davina grabbed your poop that was still in the ground and opened up your diaper. She put the poop in your diaper and tapped it back up.
"Now wet your diaper." Davina said.
You wet your diaper.
While Shelby filled the car up with gas Davina opened up the trunk and placed you in the trunk. The gas station was busy.
"Alright time to change your diaper cause you can't seem to make it 10 minutes without wetting and messing yourself." Davina said as she raised her voice a little grabbing the attention of a few people.
Davina started changing your diaper in front of all those people as they watched a 20 year old girl get her messy diaper changed and put into a fresh one.
So far the best road trip we have ever taken.

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