A Homecoming

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“I always think it can’t get worse,” Grace said making a disgusted face at her mystery meat.  “But then I get proven wrong.”

Heather and Elyse snickered as they ate their homemade sandwiches.

“I mean really- guy approaching at two o’clock.” Grace said suddenly spotting a brown haired boy heading towards them.

Heather and Elyse turned their heads. 

“You don’t look!” Grace hissed. 

“We all know Justin’s here for you anyway Grace,” Elyse rolled her eyes. 

“I didn’t even know the guy’s name till now, and I’ve never spoken to him in my life.” Grace hissed. 

“Um hi Elyse.”

Elyse looked at Grace confused before craning her head.  “Uh hi Justin,” she said, her green eyes peering into his powder blue ones.

“I was well hoping to talk to you.”

Elyse looked at him, peering closely then looked at Heather and Grace whom both grinned at her. 


“More people speak Elvish than they speak Irish.” Greg countered as he looked up from his laptop. 

Elyse’s jaw was practically on the floor.  What?! She just stared at the blonde, well from swimming season, his fine blonde hair was turning slightly green at the edges, but still,  no way! 

“No way.” Elyse said in disbelief.”

“Uh yeah.”

“I’d rather speak Irish, what the heck is wrong with some people!”

“You just like the Irish accent.”

“Who doesn’t-”

“Okay I’ve had it with this debate!” Grace said barging in, Smurf pajamas and all.  “I’ve read both, Harry Potter wins, Frodo’s and Sam’s bromance borders on the creepiness of A Separate Peace.  Now you shut up while I question Elyse on Justin.” Grace yelled pointing at her brother. 

“Justin, you mean the weird guy on quiz bowl with you?” Greg asked. 

“Uh yeah…” Elyse answered weakly. 


Two dates later, Elyse supposed she and Justin were officially a couple, at least that’s what people were telling her. 

Greg made a face when Justin came over to their lockers, to hold Elyse’s hand.

 “Hi,” Elyse said blushing in response.


Greg turned to look at them in disbelief at Justin’s trying to be cool ‘hey’. Rolling his eyes, he headed to class. 


“Your hair!” Elyse said in shock when she came back home to see that Greg was already waiting at his window, a fresh buzz cut replacing his normally messy locks. 

“Its championship season approaching and we need to decrease drag, my mom took it a bit far and made me.” Greg shrugged before looking back down at his trig homework. 

Elyse couldn’t help but stare as she wasn’t used to Greg without all the wild gravity defying hair. 

“Elyse it’ll grow back.” Greg sighed as he tried to run his hand through his hair, but he made a face as it just wasn’t the same.  “It better grow back.”

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