Chapter 7: Hangovers and shit.

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Jasmine-*wakes up with a pounding head. And throws a big sad pillow at gracies head* why do I hurt? Why do I have a headache? And what happened last night?

Vanessa-*knocks on the door of the dorm* Hey can you open the door.

Gracie-*wakes up next to Aaron* *looks over at him* AH WHAT THE FUCK!?!?

Jasmine-*stands up and walks to the door, staggering a bit, and opens the door* can you be more quiet. Damn. *walks back to her bed and sits on it*


Jasmine-*throws her last pillow at her* *fall backwards* ignore me... anyways. Vanessa. What brings you to this room?

Gracie-*screams in her pillow*AHHHHH *looks at jasmine* WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!

Aaron- *wakes up* wha- WHAT THE FUCK!?!?..oh wait i remember...and jasmine get a fuckin house jeez

Jasmine-*sits up and looks at Aaron, and nods* okay. I will. *gets up and drags Vanessa out of the room with her, and down the hallway* come with me.

Vanessa- hmph.. You guys are weak I don't even have a hangover!

Jasmine-*still pulling Vanessa down the hall* oh shush.

Vanessa-Why are you pulling me.

Jasmine-*stops pulling Vanessa and looks at her* I'm going house hunting and i want you to help me find one. We are taking my baby and we are going through the neighborhoods around the school area.

Vanessa- Okay why?

Jasmine-*shrugs* why not? I mean. We wouldn't have to eat in the cafeteria. Soundproof rooms, more bathrooms. And i think it would be cheaper to live off campus.

Vanessa-I like my dorm tho it's really nice and like.. Wait if we lived off campus phoenix could sleep with me in my room right?

Jasmine-*nods* yeah.


Phoenix- *walk through the hall with lipstick all over his face and neck* vanessa your make up remover didn't work..

Jasmine-*shakes her head and pulls out her phone, and calls someone and starts walking away*

Vanessa-Where are you going jasmine.

Jasmine-I'm going to go find a place to live. You stay here and i'll either call or text you and tell you if i found anything. You stay here with Phoenix, Aaron, and gracie.


Phoenix-*walks up to vanessa* Please get this lipstick off me.

Gracie- so aaron.. Why the fuck were you in my bed!?!

Aaron- oh yeah.. Dont worry nothing happened.. I was just to lazy to walk all the way to my dorm and you didn't seem to care so i fell asleep..

Gracie- oh ok..

(Jasmine will be gone until she has found a place. Will probably post it in hangouts or somethin)ok)

Jamine-*calls gracie, Aaron, Vanessa, and phoenix in group chat* alright guys i found the best place. *shows everyone the rooms through the video* it even has a pool. *walks outside and shows them.* plus there aren't any neighbors. For miles. And there is a back road that takes us straight to the school.

Vanessa-That's great!

Jasmine-*looks at the screen but ends up recording her nostril* I KNOW RIGHT! *looks back at the phone* hey. I could totally rent this house if yall want. *looks back up at the owner and nods before looking at the phone* or i could take most of my money and by it. And yall can pay me back for a month or two and call it even and we can do what we want to the house. Like expand it or build other houses on the land. And let me tell ya. There is plenty of land.

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