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On Monday you got out of bed with a frown on your face and you got changed into nice clothes. You missed Johnny. You missed his cuddles. His laugh. And his gorgeous green eyes. You put your hair in a messy bun as there was no one to impress anymore. That's when you remembered zephan told you to go outside at nine. You ran to check your phone to check the time - it was 9:03. You ran outside and there was a large parcel.
Mer: y/n. Are you ok?
You: Yh there's a parcel for me from my friend that's all
Mer: ok
You try to drag the parcel into the house but you were too weak. You opened the parcel there.after you finished opening it zephan jumped out
You: omg zephan! I hate you.
Zephan: no you don't you love me
You: in your dreams
Johnny walks past you while your too busy catching up with you best mate.
John: nice to hear that you love him
You: John wait it's not like that
John: how many boys, y/n? How many?
You: John. Don't do this. I can't even have best friends now. And we are over anyways so
John: whatever
After that he left
Zephan: fill me in now
You: sure
You tell him everything
Zephan: wow. That boy needs help
You: and to think he's a year older then you. He acts like he's 12
Zephan: yeah.
You: but I'm not over him. I still like him
Zephan: honey. You need to get over him
You: stop being extra
Zephan: ugh why are you killing me
You: I'm killing you?
Zephan: yes my heart. It hurts
You: hilarious Clark (his surname)
Zephan: now I see why he broke up with you
You: why
Zephan: your copying him by saying the surname thing remember that's his thing
You: great now I miss him even more

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