Chapter Four

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Kita scrambled into the warehouse office, frantically searching for a place to hide. She ducked her head into the bathroom. Standing on the toilet and closing the door occurred to her, but she was afraid she'd slip on the disgusting seat and fall in. Across the hall in the office was a desk and a chair. I bet I can climb under there.

Pushing the chair out of the way, Kita climbed under the desk. Oh, gross. The previous owner had a habit of sticking their gum on the underside of the desk. Oh, please don't get stuck in my hair. Kita kept her head down and pulled the chair in front of her.

Through the office window, Kita heard voices.

"Like I said, I saw a girl on a motorcycle come in, and they haven't left," said a man with a thick eastern European accent. "This is the bike."

"What junk," said a man with the same accent, but a deeper voice.

"Where did these other two hunks of junk come from?" said a third authoritative voice.

"I dunno. They didn't come in the front," said the first man.

"Really, genius?" snarled the third man. "I bet they came in the cargo bay doors on the side of the building, but who unlocked them?"

"Probably the girl," said the second man.

"And what about the drivers of these two scrap heaps? They didn't drive themselves in here," said the third man. Kita giggled to herself. "Spread out and find them. I want to know who's squatting in my building."

Kita sucked in a breath and held it. Think silent. Be silent. The door to the offices banged open. Footsteps stopped outside her office door. I should have locked the stupid door. The door slammed open.

"Anyone in here? Come out, now," said an Eastern European accented voice Kita hadn't heard.

Great, there's more than three.

"Check behind the desk," said another voice.

No. Crap. Kita pushed herself as far under the desk as she could get.

The chair was flung aside, and a head appeared. Instinctually Kita kicked it. The head recoiled.

"Over here."

A set of arms reached for Kita. She flailed her legs trying to kick the hands away. A third hand grabbed her leg and pulled. Kita grabbed a leg of the desk. The man pulled her and the desk toward him.

"Let go, bitch."

A swift kick in the kidney caused Kita to spasm and let go. Another kick hit her gut. Kita curled up in a ball as they drug her into the center of the room. A man grabbed her by the back of her shirt and pulled Kita to her feet.

"Hey, watch the shirt," said Kita. This is my favorite My Little Pony shirt.

"Shut up," a man snarled and slapped Kita.

The two men wearing almost identical ill-fitting suits grabbed her by the arms and pulled her out of the office area to a man standing next to the shipping container.

"That's her," said a man wearing a skullcap and black turtleneck.

"Where are your friends?" said the man with the authoritative voice. He was dressed in kakis and a white polo shirt.

"Listen, I don't want any trouble," said Kita. "I was just looking for a place to crash for the night. I haven't touched anything. You want me gone, no problem. You'll never see me again."

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