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It's been a week since Taehyung and Irene aren't strangers anymore. But Taehyung still with his own personality, being cold to everyone on every time, even towards her.

She couldn't say a thing but Taehyung kinda looks hot for certain angle. Everyone might hating on him because he's arrogant but she found him attractive. His soft and warm hand when she shook it, it was truly amazed her. Most girls surely envy him.

At the nearest cafe from her house, she was in her own world until someone patted her left shoulder,

"Aigoo, daydreaming again?" the black raven haired man approached as he took a sit besides her.

She looked up to the man, "Jimin? How the hell do you know I'm here?"

"Well, I have a strong instinct, so.." he chuckled, leaving a cute dimple at the corner of his lips.

"Tsk, you are lurking at me, aren't you?" she glared to him.

"W-what? Hell no. I was actually getting bored staying in my house, so I decided to walk around then I found you here. Don't you think it's fate?" he said sarcastically.

"It's coincidence." she stated.

Jimin lowered his head and chuckled towards her words before he spoke up again,

"So, have you found any 'fake boyfriend' yet?"

Irene looked up to the man in front of her, locking gaze with him. She then shook her head and faked a weak smile.

"It's okay. If that's the case, I will try to find out other idea to-"

"No, Jimin. I think that's fine. Besides, I-I don't want to bother you. Let's just go on with the idea. Maybe I need more times since it's hard to find one. I'm sorry for causing you trouble."

"Yah, don't feel sorry to me. you know I hate that." Irene lifted a smile on her face.

Jimin has been there through her hard time a lot even though she has rejected him before. She knows Jimin had a serious feeling to her but he's just like a brother to her. Sometimes she regretted it but hoping he could find someone better at the same time.


Irene sat alone on the bench near Han River. Few hours ago, Jimin said that he has something urgent to tell her so he asked her to wait for him at Han River. She looked severally at her watch, 3:37 p.m. and Jimin was still nowhere to be seen. At the moment, she swirled her legs and kept waiting until a figure approached besides her.

"Sorry, I'm late." Jimin sighed heavily after running from his house, knowing that he late.

"Never mind. Calm yourself down first." she smiled towards the man.

Sweats streaming down through his jawline and he wiped it with his back of hand.

"You need water?" Irene asked as he looked very exhausted.

"No, it's fine." he kept tapping his soft cheeks to prevent the heat on his face.

Irene cleared her throat, "So, what's it?"

Both their eyes met and Jimin knew she's trying to begin the real purpose of their meeting. Jimin adjusted his seat and looked deeply into Irene's eyes.

"Actually, it's really hard for me to say this but—um you know we've been friends since long time and I don't feel like we shouldn't be friend anymore."

Irene widened her eyes, "B-but, why?Did I do anything wrong that hurts you? If so, please forgive me but you shouldn't end our friendship." her voice started trembling.

He took both her hands and held it tightly as he don't want to let it go, forever.

"Irene....I don't want us to be friends. I want to be your lover, your boyfriend and your guardian who always there when you need me. I sacrificed all things for you. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely love you. Even when I tried to look for any pretty girls, your face will always popped up in my mind. That's when I realised, you're the only one."


She slowly put Jimin's hands down and loosen his hold.

"I'm sorry, Jimin. I can't, I mean, we both can't. I love you too- a lot, but just as a friend and a brother to me. I cannot lied to myself, I have no special feelings for you even though I forced myself to do so, I really can't."

Jimin remained silent for a moment.

"I know...I'm the dumbest person who fall in love with someone that clearly don't love me back. It's funny, right?" He faked a laugh and wiped the tears that streaming down slowly from his eyes.

"...but it's not your fault though. I know we can't force someone to love us back." he continued.

Irene lowered her head in guilt.

She wants to hug him.

She wants to wipe his tears.

She wants to tell him that the world don't deserve an angel like him.

But she can't. All she could do was left him alone, sitting on the bench. She turned around for seconds, Jimin was burying his palms on his face. Guess he's holding back his pain inside out.

"I'm sorry, Jimin."

End of Flashback

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