Chapter 32

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Zinnia Point of View

"You freaking WHAT?" She yelled for the umpteenth time in the past one hour. She seriously need to get her ears checked.

"I said I am now a married woman, Tuyen. I'm now Mrs. Monk." I said and smiled at her brightly expecting Tuyen to jump all around the house and congratulate me fervently. "Congratulate me." I asked her once I did not get any greetings from her.

Tuyen just kept looking at me like I have grown a bunch of Dino heads. She is gaping at me with wide eyes and mouth in a grim line.

Why is she not looking happy? If she gets married to the love of her life then I would be dancing like a possessed person then why is she not even batting her eyelash?

"Congratulate you? For what? You stupid, you got married to a total stranger and you want me to clap my hands and pat your shoulder?" She suddenly burst like lava in the chocolate lava cake and I couldn't help but shake my head in pity.

This girl should learn to control her anger.

She needs flowers, chocolates and a man like Mr. Monk in her life to tame her anger.

"He's not a stranger, Tuyen dear. He's Mr. Monk, the hero of my play, the cure to my illness, the to-be father of my children, and the professor in my university and most importantly, he is the holder of my heart." I said softly and proudly, holding her hands in mine.

Tuyen has just landed in Macau along with Mr. Egor and I felt so happy seeing of them. Albina will be here by tomorrow early in the morning and I can't wait to see my dear cousin.

Two days ago, when I and hubby were talking about our families, I sensed his sadness in his voice and I felt so disappointed at myself that I was not taking better care of him. So I called Mr. Egor and asked him to pick Tuyen and Albina and ordered the three of them to come to Macau. I have a surprise for My hubby.

I am not going to see him sad ever.

He was always trying to make me happy and I'm enjoying every moment with him a lot in Macau. It was so adventurous and so thrilling, not to forget that I was happy because I could be able to provide Mr. Monk with what he needed. Which is me.

Now it's my turn to fulfill my duty as a wife.

He was first in puberty and wanted to leave me though his heart was already stuck to me so I was patient with him and gave him the most precious gift of his life. Our wedding.

He didn't show it on his handsome face but I know the moment I signed our marriage certificate and we both exchanged our wedding clips, he was extremely happy inside. My monk husband is a shy person so he could show his joy out to me.

"He is a Mafia, You stupid Zinnia." Her exasperated voice pulled me back from my fond memories.

Uh yes, So?

What is the problem in it?

"I know. So?" I mean why is she making a big think about hubby being a Mafia? " She looked at me in disbelief like I said something which I shouldn't have. I did not say anything wrong right?

I mean, how people can be so narrow minded. You can love engineers, you love doctors, you love businessmen, you love pilots, you love teachers... but can't you love a poor Mafia?

What had Mafia ever done to her that she is holding such a grudge towards them?

If anything, the same Mafia is looking after me and loving me unconditionally. Mafia are human too and they need love, affection and care too. Why can't Tuyen and the other stereotype people cannot understand that?

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