Two Cents Can Be Millions

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So what do you do when you’re ruling the world but you’re scared at the same time? And there’s no one around?

You call Drake. That’s what you do.

He’s just so easy to talk to, and he understands almost everything. So I called him this morning, and I told him that I needed to talk to somebody that would understand. He asked me where I was, and when I told him Houston he said that he was actually thinking of flying out here tonight, so he’d be there by around 8:00 PM .

He was a little late though, because he said he had a surprise for me.

“I got this from an old friend.” Drake says as he pulls up in front of the hotel in a long, sleek green candy paint car. I could see him from a mile away, cruising down the streets slow and smooth, bumping old school music through the speakers.

“This is just….epic! It’s like one of those old school Texas rap videos, and the rapper and his homeboys are driving slow in these, in all different colors. Man, you’re looking pretty fly right now.” I say to him as I hop into the car.

“Be careful,” he says as I get in. “You know, green isn’t really my color, but it’s the best I could do on such short notice.”

With that, we’re cruising down the streets, turning heads. Everyone is nodding at us in respect. Of course, no one is screaming and asking for autographs or taking pictures. We’re in the hood. They don’t do that around here—they just respect you, that’s all. They ain’t obsessed.

“So tell me what’s up.” Drake says after a while. The sky is dark, filled with bright stars. The air is damp and cool, and people are outside of their houses, chilling on the steps. Drake’s wearing a red OVO sweatshirt, dark jeans, and Jordan’s. His hair is fluffly as usual, and it looks like he shaved.

My hair is dark brown with gold highlights (I dyed it that way recently.)

“A lot is up. It’s just so much…I yelled at my mother, Blac Chyna was my friend one minute, and then the next minute she’s trying to make me get an abortion, and I broke up with T.” I tell him.

“Did you want to break up with him?” Drake asks.

“Nah. I don’t know why I did it. You know those shows where they have two little people that look just like you on your shoulder, but one is an angel and one is like the bad guy? I guess the bad guy on my shoulder told me to break up with him.”

“We all have a tendency to listen to the bad guy instead of the angel inside of us.” Drake says.

“So what should I do? I can’t apologize to him and ask him to take me back—that would ruin my pride.” I explain.

“Jaydi, pride comes from the same bad guy that you’re talking about. You just have to learn how to slowly back away from all the thoughts going through your head. When you’re trying to make a decision, the first thoughts you have are always the worst. You have to wait some time, and then when the backup thoughts come, you use those.” He explains.

Gosh, he would’ve made a better boyfriend than T.

“But I never have backup thoughts.”

“That’s because you never wait for them to come.” He says.

There’s a pause.

“So where are you taking me?” I say after a while.

“Well I figured we could just drive around. But if there’s somewhere specific you want to go…” He trails off.

“Not really.” I say. “I was just asking, ‘cause I figured you’re Drake, and you always have a plan.”

He laughs a little. “I always have a plan?”

“Yeah, you do.”

“People that always have plans are like, smart. I’m just a regular guy.” He says.

“You’re not regular at all. Half of the girls in the whole world are in love with you.” I tell him.

“Oh, are they?” Drake asks in a joking manner.

“Yeah, they are.” I laugh.

“Jaydi, when you’re famous you’ll realize that when everyone will say they love you but it’s not love.” He says. I remember that—the last part is a lyric from his song “The Ride”.

“I guess so. Hey, can I tell you something?” I ask.

“What?” He says. He starts to drive even slower over a bumpier part of the street, and there are tiny birds chirping in trees and the steps of all the houses are empty.

“You’re really deep.” I blurt out. Then he says nothing, but there’s a tiny smile on his face. “Sorry if that was weird, but I really think you are.”

“I’m only deep because of experience.” Drake says.

“See what I mean? That was deep.” I tell him. He laughs.

“That’s interesting…” He says.

“Why’s that interesting?”

“Because I think you’re deeper than I am.” He says.

“I’m not deep at all. I’m just…shallow and flat.”

“You’re not shallow. I mean, really. Go back to the first moment you met T, at that concert. Think of who you were then, and who you are now. You’ve changed so much that you don’t even realize the changes you’ve made. Since that moment, you’ve been through so much at such a young age. Some other girl your age would probably give it all up because she couldn’t take it anymore. But you? Nah, you stuck with everything. That’s deep, to me.” Drake says.

He even makes my life sound beautiful.

I pause then, and he pulls up in front of a tree. We just sit there, quietly.

“Thanks.” I say eventually.


“Can I ask you something?” I ask.

“Sure.” He offers.

“So um…tomorrow’s the first day of school. I was thinking of just stopping by a local school here…just to stop by. That’s all. I’m not seriously considering going back though.” I admit.

“Well I think you should go back. But you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. So yeah, you should just stop by there. That’s a good compromise.” Drake says.

“But…” I trail off.

“But what?” He asks, starting to smoke a blunt.

“I’m scared.” I say.

Drake pulls in and breaths out dramatically before saying: “Fear is nothing. It’s one of those things that kind of comes from that bad guy inside of you. I want you to take that fear, and shove it in a box and throw that box on an island so far away that it won’t be able to come back here ever again. And I know it can be hard to do, so I’ll help you. I’ll go there with you tomorrow.”

“Really?” I ask.

“Yesup. But you have to promise me something.” Drake asks.


“Don’t spill oil from that McDonald’s food in this car. It’s precious.” He says.

“What McDonald’s food?” I ask.

“The food I’m about to take you to get.” With that, he drives off, and I’m laughing with my hands in the air and my hair flowing back.

And I feel way better than I have in the last few weeks.

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