Seeing Green Eyes

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Louis and Zayn served as my family and I think if I never met them, I would still be a lost cause begging for food on the streets. When Louis told me what he and Zayn did for a living I didn't even hesitate to pitch in since during times like these, we didn't really have much of a choice.


"Liam are you sure about this?" Niall asked me quite stressed as he kept checking his phone for our work schedule as he followed me closely, looking distraught as he kept looking around at people who he would often think would possibly try to kill him.

"What do you mean Ni?" I asked continuing to walk faster, turning the sidewalk to a 7 eleven.

"I mean we have so much work tomorrow and we can't-" Niall said starting to panic as I open the door, momentarily unable to hear him as I proceed to take two bottles of vodka and a few packs of chips.

I made a turn to another aisle taking some sweets in my hands before I approached the counter dropping them in front of the lady as I hand her a few pounds. I ignored the looks she was giving me since I was in no mood to talk so when she handed me the paper bag, I took it without saying anything.

"Liam!" Niall sighed, annoyance obvious in his tone as he continued to follow me as I rushed out of the store. I drowned all his contentions as he begged me to listen to reason but after what happened today, I wasn't going to hear it.

You're probably wondering why I'm in such a hurry to get drunk right? Well it's because I am the CEO of one of the best advertising agencies in London and we lost a billion dollar bid against a rival agency because we were suppose to advertise this rising star pop group. The group's management however, thought that our ideas were 'old,' 'lacked color' and 'wouldn't sell well with teenage girls.' It annoyed me how we always lost advertisements when it came to the music industry since all the other advertisements we do were always more than exemplary.

"Niall it's only for the night and we need it!" I turned to him trying to prove a point. I placed a hand on his shoulder giving him a stern look as I took his phone from his grasp then placed it in my pocket.

Niall looked like he was going to protest but instead he shrugged and nodded. "Alright Payne but just for tonight."

I give him a big smile as I placed a hand on the small of his back walking to my flat which was a fair few blocks from where we were. It wasn't long until I stopped from my tracks when I turned my gaze to see a curly haired boy laughing loudly by a dimly lit street.

He was across the street with another bloke, loudly chatting away with a big grin on his face. From afar and from the poor lighting, I could still tell how pretty he was and before I could stop myself, I was already walking towards him mindlessly until I felt a hand pulling on my wrist.

"Liam where do you think you're going?" Niall asked as I turned to him and then back at the man who was still oblivious to my stares.

"I-I just.." I pulled away from Niall's grip as I walked closer to the beauty who was even more stunning up close. He and his companion turned to me acknowledging my presence and I froze as I saw the bright green eyes of the curly haired beauty focused on me.

"Hi." I said flatly. Fuck I was stupid.

The two men looked at me weirdly then back at each other then to me again shaking their heads. "We're done for the night." The other man smiled quite adorably but I turned to the curly haired boy instead, proceeding to stare.

He blinked at me then looked at his companion for some sort of help but I only heard his companion snicker as he gave the curly haired boy a light push closer to me.

"Erm, I'm a hundred an hour," he muttered as he eyed me, quite bewildered.

I looked at him weirdly then blushed when I realized what he meant. "I-I oh.. Uhm.."

He gave me a smile then nodded understanding what my expression and stutter meant. "It's okay lad, so what do you need?"

"Well I.." I said mentally hitting myself on the head as I struggled for words to say.

"He wants to ask for your name mate," Niall said standing beside me as I turned to those beautiful green eyes still looking at me quite curiously as I nodded my head with my gaze still transfixed on him.

He chuckled shaking his head brushing a few curls off his face as he gave me a bright smile. "I don't really give my name to strangers."

I stood there speechless, not able to say any more as I saw another man in a car calling over to them by a distance. I felt my face fall at the immediate rejection which led me to glance at Niall who gave me a knowing look as he gave my shoulder a squeeze. I return his smile then averted my gaze to the curly haired beauty and his companion as they got to the car talking to the man inside, obviously leaving for the night. I sighed deeply as I looked down at my shoes thinking of how poorly I acted since what I did was far from 'smooth' and that no matter who was in the curly haired boy's position would have walked away or slapped me. I felt kind of lucky he didn't do either of them especially the latter since he looked really fit.

"Oi!" I heard someone shout which led me to look up meeting the curly haired boy's gaze, a smile playing on his lips.

"The name's Harry," He shouted as he closed the car door as it turned the curve disappearing from view and for a few minutes I was left staring until Niall hit me roughly by the arm.

"Harry," I smiled to myself as I turned to Niall who looked at me with an annoyed and exhausted expression. I saw his mouth move but I beat him to it by turning him around to the direction of my flat chatting away at how wasted we were going to get.

I didn't know why it mattered that I knew his name since I doubted that I would ever see him again but honestly, as Niall and I drowned our woes with alcohol that night, part of me wished to see 'Harry' again... And maybe get to know him a little bit better.

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