Seeing Green Eyes

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A/N: Hi! This is my second lirry fic. This one is kind of graphic although i'm not really good at it 'yet' lol. Well I hope you enjoy this fic! Please vote and comment on it! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say! :)


I had a dream once.. a dream to stand on stage, smile at a crowd of people which will always be a pool of blank faces, a dream to belt out my heart at every tune and every chorus of a song, and to fall madly in love with another rising star grounded enough to want to work things out until we finally tie the knot.

Of course that is only a dream, from what I do now, I don't think any father or mother would want their daughters listening to any record made by someone like me.

"Suck harder, bitch," the man grunted irritated as I take his rather small cock in my mouth.

We were at a motel room, it was nothing fancy, just a room with a bed and a very old tv that didn't even work anymore. All this man wanted was a blow job so it was odd that he wanted to rent a room in the first place but I went with it anyway.

I've been doing this for a long time, but it wasn't like I enjoyed it. It was the only way to put money on the table, not having much of an education doesn't really impress anyone so I had to be prepared to do pretty much anything in order to survive.

"Fuck," he said as he painfully pulled on my hair, his cum filling my mouth as he took hold of my face thrusting into it a few times before he pushed me off quite roughly.

Cum ran down the sides of my mouth as I slowly flush off the man's awful taste. My stomach churned at disgust but I kept a straight face as he tossed me a few pounds before walking out the door, closing it with a loud thud.

I took the money with a shaky hand then stood up fixing my crumpled shirt. I placed a hand on my mouth wiping it as I turned to the bathroom door looking at my reflection in the mirror. I tried to straighten my shirt and fix my unruly curly hair but failed miserably so I decided to give up and leave the room before anyone could walk in to clean up although I doubt anyone would have come in at this late hour.

I made my way back to Oxford Street where my friends and I meet after every night's session. As I got there, I was not surprised to see that I was the first to return since Louis and Zayn liked keeping their clients happy. I let out a sigh as I light up a smoke, waiting for them as I looked at people who passed by me rushing home as they talked in hushed voices giving me curious glances I mostly ignored.

"Good night mate?" A voice asked behind me as I felt an arm sling around me.

"Not any better than you lad," I grin looking at Louis as I wrapped an arm around his waist.

Louis was the guy who picked me up a few years back when I had absolutely nothing. He took me in and nursed me back to health since he described me as rather sickly when he found me. Ever since then, he acted like a big brother and never let me starve or live on the streets again.

"Chilly tonight eh?" Louis said rubbing his hands together trying to get some sort of heat as he blew into them.

"Yeah, where's Zayn you reckon?" I turn from side to side looking for our fine looking friend.

"Maybe he's getting a few extra pounds working overtime," Louis joked as he took a seat on the sidewalk. I follow suit looking up at the sky, huffing off smoke from my half finished cigarette.

I also met Zayn who is the most stunning guy you'll ever meet and you'd expect him to be vain and proud of it but instead I came to realize that he's quiet and is a very compassionate guy especially when it came to art. You'd think he wouldn't want to do anything with me since at the time, I felt like a free loader but like Louis, he was very caring and didn't even mind that I moved in.

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