Helena Bertinelli- Best Friend (c)

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"Maybe the Italian place by the hairdressers that you like?" You asked down the phone, still trying to get your work down whilst talking to your friend.

"They changed management," Helena stated. "There's a new Japanese place on 2nd, I've not been yet."

Helena Bertinelli was the daughter of Frank Bertinelli, a rich and feared man who had a huge hand in the running of Starling City. Your father had previously worked with him, leading to you befriending Helena, but your father (for the most part) went on the straight and narrow for his ever-growing business, hiring you to run the businesses daily workings. Although you were both rich, neither of you felt the need to flaunt it, which enhanced your friendships. Neither of you wanted to be in your families but you couldn't control that and made the desire to stay as the best of friends harder.

The two of you wanted to go out for dinner on Saturday to catch up, you had been stuck at work for the last couple of weeks. Even though you were at work now, you didn't care that you were talking to Helena rather than working to your full ability.

"That sounds like a plan, want to book us a table?" You said.

"Sure. Eight, okay?"


You were cut off by your office door being kicked in revealing a masked man with a gun in his hand. You let out a scream, dropping the phone, raising your hands to show you weren't a danger to them, and willing to cooperate.

The men pushed the gun to your head, telling you the information he wanted. It wasn't uncommon for someone to want something from your father, he had many enemies, but you had never had to face them. You struggled to not cry as you typed in what he wanted, trying to delay as much as you could but still doing as he wished. You pleaded for him to leave you alone but in response you were hit forcefully in the back of the head, blurring your vision as you felt pain reverberate through you.

Before anything more could happen, the window broke as another masked figure entered the room. This time it was a woman and you recognised them. Not whom it was, but you knew her by the name that everyone did. The Huntress. It didn't take the huntress long before she was able to disarm and kill the man whom had been holding you hostage. She didn't have a good reputation, so you feared if she was a friend or foe to you.

"Are you alright?" She asked with a familiar voice.

She rushed to your side, throwing off her black mask to reveal your closest friend. You would never have thought that the famous Huntress would have been Helena, but you couldn't have been happier to see your friend at the moment. She wrapped her arms around you, and you let yourself cry into her shoulder, letting out desperate words of gratitude. You were just happy to have your dear friend there to protect and support you, later you would discuss her vigilante persona.


Written by Charlotte.

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