⚫Chapter 24⚫

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Once we made it back to the house, I immediately called the other's outside.

"I am so excited to see their wolves, you have no idea!" I exclaimed to my friends as I watched the others and Blaike walk towards the forest.

"Hey, why don't you see if you can identify who's who without me telling you first?" Elias suggested.

"Ok, I mean it shouldn't be too hard...right?"

I looked over at Saphira, Nathan, and Lucian to see them all shrug their shoulders.

"It all depends," Nathan said.

I mean just because Indigo and Violet looked the exact same as humans didn't mean their wolves would look the exact same.

First Blaike's dark brown wolf came out. And beside him walked a smaller wolf that was a silver gray.

"That's Neha!" I exclaimed with excitement as I turned to look at Elias for confirmation.

"Her wolf's name is Amara."

I watched both Amara and Kasem cuddle into each other as they fooled around on the grass.

Moments later, a cream coated wolf trotted towards me with its wagging tail. "This has to be either Indigo or Violet."

As I reached out to touch its fur, another wolf coated with fawn fur trotted beside me. They were both relatively the same size, but so distinctly different.

"Alright, I think she's Violet," I exclaimed while placing my left hand on the fawn one.

"And she's Indigo," I said before hesitantly placing my right hand on the cream wolf.

I turned to look at my friends for reassurance. "Please tell me I'm right."

"Yeah, you are. You're pretty good at this," Nathan said.

"Thanks," I said while smiling at Nathan. "What are their names?"

"Violet's wolf's name is Luana and Indigo's is Esme," Saphira said.

I tried my best to hug both wolves at the exact same time, but it was difficult. They were quite big.

"They're beautiful," I muttered as I stared at both wolves with admiration.

"Ok, I don't think she'll get these three correct. There's no way she'll know who's who," Elias said.

"Oh ye of little faith," I sighed before looking at the three wolves approaching me. They were obviously Jasper, Julian, and Raphael.

The one nearest to me was a medium brown colour. He radiated warmth with his brown eyes. "Julian."

"Yup, his wolf's name is Gonzalo," Lucian said.

"Hi Gonzalo," I exclaimed while combing my hand through his soft fur.

After acknowledging me, he joined Esme as they trotted away from us and began playing with each other. "They're always at it," Elias said from behind.

I chuckled while moving my gaze towards the last two wolves.

"Alright, I can tell by the eyes," I muttered while walking towards the one on my left.

His coated fur was a dark silver. I knelt down to take a closer look at its eyes and saw that they were a striking blue. "This is one is Jasper," I said while petting his head.

"And this one is Raphael," I exclaimed while petting the other wolf who had a unique pattern of white, brown, and black.

"Jasper's wolf's name is Estevao and Raphael's is Ivo," Elias exclaimed.

"All of their names are literally so beautiful," I sighed as I admired all the wolves in front of me.

"Honestly, I'm so grateful that I am apart of this. This amazing thing. My biological parents could have easily given me to Vampires, or Witches, or even humans. If that would've happened, who knows? Maybe I wouldn't have met any of you guys. But she chose the most incredible creatures ever. Athena and Zander decided to keep me and for that I am happy."

Saphira walked towards me and embraced me with a warm hug.

"Human or Vampire, you're still one of us," she said.


"Alright, are we all here?" Blaike asked as we all gathered together in our basement.

"Yup," Julian said.

"Ok, so as you all know, all of us are being sent to The Other Side," Blaike said. "We all have no idea what to expect, what will happen and who we will meet, but we must all promise this one thing. To have each other's backs no matter what. To think of our family on earth and what our future holds. To not be selfish and put others first before ourselves. And to know the importance of sacrificing when our conscience tells us to do so."

"Yes," Lucian muttered. We all nodded our heads in agreement to Blaike.

"Am I the only one who is scared?" Violet asked as she placed her arm around Raphael.

"No, I'm scared too," Neha said.

"I think we all are," Jasper exclaimed. "I mean it's natural for us to be scared. We've never been there before and we have no idea what we are going to face. The only thing we have is each other and I believe this bond that we all have will grow as we live in The Other Side and face battles together."

"Well said," Julian responded.

"Just to add, can we all promise another thing?" Elias said.

I turned my gaze to my mate as he continued talking.

"Promise that you will protect her. I know she's used to being different, but she knows us. Once we go to The Other Side, she'll meet many new people and she won't know any of them. We don't know if they're all good people over there. I mean they have a war right now. I will try my best to protect her, but for some reason, if I'm not around, do your part. See what is necessary and do it. Not just for her, but for all."

Elias finally moved his gaze towards me. I smiled at him as he nodded his head in response.

"Elias is right. We all need to protect each other... especially Leilani," Nathan said.

"Thanks, guys," I exclaimed feeling grateful for all of them.

"Alright, let's go upstairs! I want food," Julian exclaimed while getting up.

"You always want food," Indigo responded while rolling her eyes.

I watched all my friends walk up the stairs leaving just me and Elias behind.

"You okay?" he asked me.

"Yup, let's go eat lunch with the others."

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