Chapter 1

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The blistering shrieks of an alarm rang through Lolita's ears. In perpetual search for the source, the beautiful brunette found herself in an entanglement within the sheets. Furiously, she shut her clock and the sudden ear-splitting noise ended abruptly. Overwhelmed, she lay there perplexed. "This is it" she whispered confidently, wiping away tears from her delicate face, unwillingly scrambled away from the warmth of her bed, she then drew the windows open, a void of icy sinister darkness crept into the immense room, causing the petite girl to shudder.

Lolita sat by the dresser, gazing at her pale complexion. She sighed, her silver eyes wandering away from the mirror towards the window, the sound of the harsh wind rustling through the branches startled her. 24 hours from now, she would be 18. A week from now, her father would be hosting his annual ball. This was the only occasion which all the packs across the world were gathered together in harmony. There were no feuds, arguments or grudges. It was a rare occurrence where all the packs united and engaged enthusiastically in conversation, eager to make new friends. You would never suspect half the packs' wanted to rip the other half's throats out. No. not on this day, it was truly a Christmas miracle. However, this year it wasn't exactly a 'Christmas miracle' The king had moved the date up, this time the annual ball would take place in October. He stated he was simply too busy in the holidays, but this was a poor excuse. Lolita knew his true intentions.

For female werewolves, an 18th birthday meant the coming of age, from this day on you can now find your life mate. The annual ball meant the strongest, most powerful Alphas' would attend. Lolita's only hope was that one of them was to be her mate. Either way, her father would arrange a marriage for her with one of these wolves. The notion seemed obscure, the petite princess shuddered in fear. Her father was a very old-fashioned man, but this did not give him any right to do this. She was not a possession he could hand over to his friends, although she knew his reasoning behind this was only to protect her, she could not help the growing detest towards him.

The eerie wind grew louder, the branches crackled, almost like an individual shifting their weight, climbing up them. Lolita froze, she knew this was only her overly active imagination. Nevertheless, that did not stop her from running towards the window, slamming the possible entrance shut before rapidly returning to her seat, she let out a sigh of relief, as her action had now muffled the outside world. But the rumbling grew nearer, the frightened brunet froze. Distinct rapping of the glass shocked Lolita back into her senses. Adrenaline coursed through her veins as the small girl was quick to seize a battered baseball bat from her bedside, as she slowly crept towards the towering window, her heart pounding in her chest, shadows became figures, the creaking became crisp clear when the unknown stranger lifted the window.

Lolita was a wreck, the room melted around her and all the terrified teen could focus on was the unknown stranger behind the door. Who could it be? The remorseless murderer who took her beloved brother? Her grip tightened on her brother's baseball bat, this was all she had left of him. Nothing survived from the fire the killer caused. They were lucky the Queen had been awake, still to this day the small girl remembers watching her home engulfed in the roaring beast. Her childhood melted away in the bright orange flames. Her cheeks began heating at the very thought, almost as if she was inches away from the fire. She knew whatever was behind that window was a threat. Shaking, she held the bat high, beads of sweat formed on her pale temples. Lolita was determined to hold herself together, however, as the window violently swung open, her life flashed before her bright silver eyes and with all her might, the brunette swung her weapon towards the foreign figure.

An unsteady, but familiar face staggered into the room. "You missed." Stated the smirking individual.

"Isaac, what the hell are you doing here?" shrieked the now furious brunette.

"Lolita. What the hell are you doing with a baseball bat?" replied the tall, sandy haired boy, rolling his eyes.

"I'm serious"

"So am I, Lo. What're you, the shortstop?"

Sighing, the petite girl slumped back into her bed "You scared me" she muttered "Now if we're done insulting my height"

"The bat is almost as tall as you" he smirked as he perched next to her. "Don't tell me you forgot about the party"

"What party?" She asked innocently, amused at her friend's expression. "I'm just kidding! Of course I remember, if this is the last night before I'm imprisoned till the royal excuse of a ball, I want to have some fun"

"Oh trust me you'll have fun. I invited everyone" Winking mischievously, he continued "Gotta give the princess a proper sendoff" he grinned.

Lolita noticed the glisten of sadness in his emerald eyes, she felt it too. Isaac had been her best friend before they could even walk. The coming of the ball meant she may never see him again. If her father really did marry her to some jealous, possessive Alpha, there was no way in hell he would even let Lolita near her unmated male friend.

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