Mason’s POV


An action that can stir different kinds of emotion in a person. A word that can be described once felt. A gesture to complete someone’s day, or in my case night. The way Blondie ended the night is, for me, the most memorable event of the day. A kiss, it’s not even on the lips, it’s only on my cheek. I can only imagine what I’d be feeling once we kissed for real.

I had everything planned that day, from the moment I wake up until the end of the night. I, planned to give her a kiss, truly I did. I don’t really understand what happened that night, more importantly, what happened to me. I should’ve been the one that initiated the kiss or made the first move, but for some reason, I froze. I was nervous that time; it was like my first date all over again.

Memories of my first date came back to me and I can’t help but smile at myself. 

“What are you smiling about?” Blondie asked as she opened the passenger door.

“Nothing.” I answered.

“These are the times that I worry about your well-being. You’re not turning into a psycho or a lunatic are you?”

“I already am.”

“True.” She chuckled.


“Hey.” I approached her.

“You’re sweaty.” She stated.

“Of course I am, I’m fresh from practice… come on.”

We made our way to the bleachers where our friends are. Jessica once again, called a ‘meeting’ because she has some kind of important announcement to make. For all I know that announcement would be her planning or throwing another party or something. But this ‘meeting’ that she set up could be used for our or my advantage for once. This is the perfect time to come clean and tell them that Blondie and I are officially dating.

“Where’s the girl that arranged all this?” I asked.

“Having a very heated discussion with your friend.” Andy nodded to where Jessica and Tyler are standing and clearly, they’re both pissed off. I bet she hasn’t cooled down yet with Tyler’s lie from last week.

“Well, I have news.” I stood closer to Blondie. “Blondie and I are officially dating.” I placed an arm around her. Their reactions weren’t something I expected.

“Ha! I won!” Josh exclaimed.

“You should’ve told us that next week! Ugh!” Erica said.

“Congratulations my friend.” Andy said.

“Thanks.” I smiled.

“I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to Josh. He gets to go on a date with Erica after all these years. ”

“Thanks guys!” Josh hugged us.

“I told not to make a big deal out of it.” Blondie said.

 “Not the reaction I was expecting.” I said.

“What were you expecting?” she replied.

“I don’t know…. surprised?”

“Psssh! You guys are bound to happen one way or another.” Erica said. “The moment Chloe punched you; we knew you guys will end up eventually.”

“That’s true.” Josh said. “And Erica, I know that at this moment, we too, will eventually end up together just like them.”

“We would never.”

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