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As mentioned before, Xu Ai was the treasure of her family. She never had to work in her entire eighteen years of lifetime. And the day after her wedding her mother-in-law informed her about their family tradition of the bride making tea for her husband on the first day of her married life.

Now making tea is not that difficult for ordinary people but for Xu Ai who has never touched a stove in her life, it was difficult. She checked the recipe of tea on net and realized that before knowing how to make tea, she must know how to operate a stove. She saw a video for that and very carefully followed every instructions. Her frail heart started beating two times faster.

The resulting tea looked normal and stomach friendly but only Lao Fei could give the final verdict. Meanwhile Mrs Lao who was watching her new daughter-in-law could only stifle her laughter in the corner.

When Lao Fei faced the cup of tea made by his wife he didn't think much of it, the tea looked normal enough. But when he sipped it, he was struck. As if every cell of his body was hit.

Seeing his wife's big, hopeful eyes he reluctantly swallowed the tea though he desperately wanted to spit it out. It was too sweet, almost sickening but he couldn't disappoint Xu Ai. He tried to smile but his brain wasn't functioning. At last he weakly said,"nice".

Xu Ai was too happy to hear his compliment to actually grasp the situation. She also didn't mind Lao Fei's lack of emotions and concluded that he was definitely a black-belly jerk.

When she left the room, he immediately chugged down a bottle of water. And stared at the remaining tea in vexation.

Xu Ai, who was pleased with her accomplishment, returned to the kitchen to learn more and found her mother-in-law there. She instantly stiffened and grew nervous.

"Ah, Xiao Ai come here." Mrs Lao gently called her. Mrs Xu had informed the Lao family about Ai's condition and they knew that they had to treat her delicately.

"Yes mother." Xu Ai meekly went near her mother-in-law, who was cooking something.

"Here taste it." Mrs Lao placed a spoonful of gravy near her mouth. Xu Ai instinctively opened her mouth and tasted something spicy and yummy.

"It's delicious" Xu Ai honestly remarked.

Mrs Lao smiled and turned off the stove.

"Xiao Ai, I know that the situation under which you married my son was not ideal. But don't let that affect you, marriage needs patience and willingness to work. And in order to achieve these, the two of you need to talk. I know my son, he is good... sometimes too good. I am not exaggerating as a mother but honestly, he is a good person. He will never mistreat you, so give him a chance. And please don't misunderstand him without even knowing him." Mrs Lao was not forceful or scary like those mothers-in-law in TV soaps.

Xu Ai found herself nodding to Mrs Lao's words.

While Mrs Lao stared at Xu Ai's big,honest eyes attached to her earnest face which was overflowing with sincerity. She realized that there wasn't much difference between her son and daughter-in-law, they belonged to the same kind.

"Come on, help me serve the food." Mrs Lao gently urged the girl to pick the food.

Xu Ai invested her entire concentration on the trap of food she was carrying, clearly she has never done it before. The guests smiled at her cuteness while Angel, her sister-in-law rushed to help her.

"Let me help you, little sister." Angel said after taking over the tray.

Xu Ai stared the tall woman with short hair and a stern face. She remembered that she was her sister-in-law, as in the wife of Lao Fei's elder brother.

"Thank you, elder sister." Xu Ai addressed her in the way she was asked to do.

Angel was pleased to see the well mannered girl and decided that the girl was good for little brother. After all, they seemed to have the same personality.

After serving the food, Angel ushered Xu Ai to the chair beside Lao Fei. While the guests teased the new couple, Xu Ai kept her head down. She was too embarrassed. The height was when an elderly lady blessed her to have many kids.

Her married life was already hanging loosely on a thread and that woman just blessed her to have kids!

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