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The new couple left the after party after their first dance, which was awkward to say the least. Xu Ai, who has never danced in her entire life, kept stepping on Lao Fei's feet with her high heels while the Lao Fei, who has done PhD in being a gentleman, bore the pain in silence.

The car ride back to Lao mansion was even more awkward. Since none of them had any idea what they should talk about, they both stared out of their respective windows and the silence ensued.

Lao Fei knew that they should sort out their relationship and talk to each other but seeing her cute, embarrassed face, he kept his mouth shut.

It's not like marriage with Xu Bai would have been different, they weren't highly intimate or anything. Rather they were as well strangers.

He had returned from America, where he was training in the American branch of Lao company, only two months ago to attain the position of vice-president in the Lao Enterprises. After a week or so of his return, his mother and aunts jumped on the matter of his marriage. According to them, twenty four years of age demanded absolute urgency in marriage cause that's a number too close to thirty. So, they began hunting for a suitable bride for the youngest and most beloved member of their family.

Xu Bai was the one they claimed to be the phoenix among ashes and Lao Fei was sent to a coffee date with her. That's it, the coffee date was the first and the last time of they interacted. But still Lao Fei agreed to the marriage, not because of love at first sight but because of filial obligation.

Marriage with Xu Bai would have been awkward as well but not to the level of his marriage with Xu Ai. He felt like a monster who had plucked a bud before it bloomed into a blossom. Actually he didn't even know Xu Ai existed before Mr Xu proposed to let him marry her in Xu Bai's stead. He would have refused but the reputation of his family forced him to marry a girl he never even saw before. And what's more? She was still a student!

Meanwhile Xu Ai's mind was thinking of a whole different story. She sneakily glanced at her husband who was constantly staring out of the window. She felt awkward and kind of scared. Scared because she thought that he was disappointed by her and wished to divorce her. Just thinking of divorce on the day of her wedding was extremely saddening.

Though the conditions were bad, still she was married and she wanted to live a peaceful married life. She feared that her life would go off rail because her husband appeared to be a black-belly jerk like most protagonists in an impossibly long and complicated web novel. She didn't want a complicated life, she has heart problems. For Pete's sake, let her have some peace.

To say it precisely both of them were having an awkwardly bad day and the highlight of the day was definitely their wedding night.

Both of them were scared to say the least. Lao Fei wanted to offer to sleep on the couch but when he saw Xu Ai jump a feet away as soon as he opened his mouth. He got scared out of his wits.
Xu Ai also wanted to offer to sleep on the couch but when she saw him open his mouth, she thought he would say something insulting to retaliate for her sister's actions and she backed away.

They laid on the opposite ends of the bed, as stiff as board. The tension in the air was so thick that it could be cut with a knife. The bride was wringing her fingers to calm her nerves while the groom was staring at the wall clock with desperation. Their faces were as red as tomatoes due to immense shyness. It was their first time sleeping with another person, that so of opposite gender.

Xu Ai, who has developed a very wrong interpretation of her husband's character, was on high alert to protect her chastity. While Lao Fei was petrified to even look at her let alone touch her.

The crowd of youngsters who had plastered their ears on bedroom's door were disappointed by the lack of sound. Seems like their source of extorting money out of brother Lao was gone. Or rather it never existed.

And the elders downstairs could only sigh and shake their head.

"What a horrible turn of events!" Mr Lao exclaimed. Hearing this his wife nodded and so did his elder son and his wife.

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