Author's Note

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Hello Guy's! It's good to have you here.

Do not roll your eyes and skip to the story authors notes are important!

This story is on a whole new level of teen fiction it would have you doubting the category.*smiles*

Strange love is a story about Zion knight the son of Eric and Victoria knight.

If those names doesn't ring a bell I advice you read about his parents!
In The contract marriage.

No part of this book should be copied or rewritten or whatever this is my hard work Do not steal!!

I've chosen the cast already for this book but if you imagine them in a different way feel free to let me know😁

They might be a few mature content but it would be very minimal as this book could be read by anybody but if you don't tolerate it please skip those parts please!!!

I really love comments so please feel free to comment and vote!

This book is written in a first person point of view😁

Please do not hate the main characters attitude or behaviors or how they react to things, remember they are still growing up and still learning they would change before the book ends.

Now let allow you get to the story already!


Strange love

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