Take Care

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After two weeks we were finally going back to my home place. I knew she didn't want to leave on some level, neither did I. Her family was warm and welcoming especially her older brother and mother, they did their best to make me feel comfortable in their house. As Nivea slept my mind raced through the events of these past two week and stopped suddenly on one topic. Erica.

She had always been stubborn and thought she was my mate, that we belonged together. I kissed her once when we were teenagers and after that day she refused to leave me alone and now that I had a mate of my own, she had the nerve to threaten not only my mate, but her future Luna. I became furious with the thought of this going on and Nivea not telling me. Who knows what Erica would pull especially not knowing that my mate was pregnant.

"Mr. Namara is there anything you would like to eat or drink, maybe something for your wife?" The attendant asked pulling me from my thoughts.

"I'll take a bottle of prosecco, and an apple cider for my wife." I smiled lightly as she went about her task.

Nivea had fallen asleep as soon as she eased into the chair of our private plane. I on the other hand, had some business to take care of, Now that I knew the severity of how Erica had been treating my mate, I refuse to let it go any further than it has already gotten. I pulled out my cellphone and called my Gavin.

"You called?" Gavin answered in french after two rings.

"It seems little Erica has become highly jealous and decided to take it upon herself to disrespect the future Luna." I replied in french as well.

"Oh really, is there any special care that will be needed in taking care of this little problem?" Gavin was all to happy to have a reason to punish Erica, he hated her.

"I say first thing is to block her from shifting for a month, that will make her very uncomfortable and agitated." I smirked.

"Hmm, don't you think that's too...little of a punishment?" Gavin asked, I could practically hear the smile slipping from his face.

"Oh no, brother, that is only the first part of her punishment, you see as we all know weather you accept your Alpha or not, they are still your Alpha, unless you plan to challenge them, My mate now has a wolf of her own, so I won't have too much to worry about if she were to be challenged by Erica." I paused, "Though, I would rather not risk any harm to my mate, I could always have her banished from the pack, but that is too simple a punishment."

"Oh brother you are becoming such a demon," Gavin chuckled darkly.

"It's about time I started behaving like an Alpha, you and I both." I answered before saying a short goodbye as I heard my mate stir beside me.

"Where you on the phone?" She asked as she stretched her limbs as far as she could before sitting up straight.

"Just talking to my brother, Here's some apple cider." I lifted the abandoned glass from the tray and put it in her hands.

"Thank you, I've been getting so tired lately, I feel like a sloth." She grumbled before drinking down the whole glass of apple cider.

"You're not eating for just you anymore so it's reasonable, you need all the energy you can get, so don't worry about it." I soothed before slowly rubbing her stomach.

Our pup had gotten a little bigger in the two weeks that we spent at her mother's house. They were so happy to find out that she was pregnant and wasted no time in rubbing her stomach. He mother gave her almost every trick in having a successful pregnancy. Now at twenty weeks, it looked like she had swallowed a basket ball. I knew once we got back everyone would know that she was pregnant, the scent of our pup was becoming stronger with each week that passed by.

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