Chapter 16

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The next few days were mainly uneventful for Felix. In fact, Changbin was basically avoiding him.

There had been a lot of activities, games and fun along with a few leadership building lessons. 'Cant have a school camp without lessons' Felix thought in annoyance.

They had a small break at the moment, as they were all exhausted from the World's Greatest Race that was just held. Basically the groups were given a clue at the start that lead to a place, and that place would have the next clue. "Stray Kids" had wanted dinner priveliges again, because a group called 'Loona' kept winning. They had pelted through the course as quickly as they could, and it payed off. They won.

Taking a deep breath, Felix sat up and turned his phone off.

"What do you think we're going to get for dinner?" He asked the others.

"I'm hoping for Subway" Chan replied.

"No way! Subway is good, but I want steak!" Said Changbin, who had settled a bit and was talking more. Well, except to Felix. 

"Whatever Binnie" Chan said, smirking at the nickname.

Felix nodded at their suggestions.

"Anyway, I'm bored, what should we do?" He asked.

"I'm glad you asked, hyung! I've been searching up things to do when you're bored. How about we do an aegyo battle?" Jeongin replied cheekily.


"Sure" said Changbin. Felix was taken aback. Wasn't Changbin meant to be 'dark?'

"Who wants to go first?" Asked Jeongin, clapping his hands.

More silence.

"I guess I'll go..." Felix said shyly.

He searched up a song with a cute concept and danced to it as adorably as possible, while trying to be funny. It worked, the boys were laughing their asses off. He looked to Changbin to see if he was reacting. He was surprised to see him staring at him with a blush spread across his cheeks.

As the song finished, Felix bowed dramatically as they clapped.

"I'm going to have a really hard time getting through this without cringing my face off." Said Jeongin.

"You're the one that suggested it!" Screeched Woojin.

"I know." Jeongin giggled.

It was Chan's turn now, so he found another song and danced to it, awkwardly trying to be cute.

When the song finished, Jeongin squealed.

"You're adorable, Channie hyung!!"

"Wow haha... Thanks" Chan said, noticablely stiffening.

Chan sat next to Woojin and whispered "My heart just did a thing"

Woojin and Jeongin had their turns, Chan clapping a bit too loudly when Jeongin was done.

Now it was Changbin's turn. Chan scoffed. "You can't be cute, you're too emo for that!" He teased.

"We'll see about that..." Changbin murmured.

Changbin then produced the most adorable puppy eyes that Felix had ever seen. He wiggled cutely to the beat of the song, and sang in a baby voice.

Chan looked dumbfounded, which made Felix laugh.

The song finished and Changbin automatically went back to his normal poker face.

"Speak about that to anyone and consider yourself dead to me." He said darkly.

"How can someone be that cute and then go back to being scary in such a short time?" Jeongin asked.

"Who knows, Innie." Chan said.

Jeongin smiled and blushed.


Jonghyun died a year ago today. He was such a beautiful soul, I hope he's happy where he is now.

Rest well, buddy. You did amazing. 💜

On a lighter and much less important note, 1K reads?? Thanks so much!!

Short filler chapter just to acknowledge those things lol

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