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"Okay, we walk with these clothes on, but we don't knock. Okay?" Rephrasing, I make hand movements. Chris nods at me while fixing his costume.

I didn't think I'd end up wearing Thor's costume. I chose the prince-y one, but sadly, it didn't fit anymore.

"Well, I think I'm nailing the lady Loki costume."

"It's not a lady Loki costume, Chris. It's just a Loki costume." Chris decides to make the arguement grow by responding again.

"Well I saw Anne Hathaway wear this."

"That's because she's a lady, so it's called lady Loki." Chris sighs, shrugs after.

"Well, that's true. But I really wanted to be a woman."

We both cracked up, and spoke to each other like we're best friends who never met each other for 10 years. Then, I forgot what my real deal was. I was getting more awake every second we exchange words and I am not sleepy.

"Chris," I say. "I was supposed to ask you how this is helping me...? You do remember the insomnia thing, right?"

His pretty eyes widened and the scepter he held was raised. "Oh my God, I'm sorry. Is this helping?"

"Er-" I start. I bite my lip. "It's a good bonding time, at the least."

"I can tire you off. We could both walk around town till we're drained and when we get back home, we'll be asleep in no time."

That was really sweet of him. He always finds a way to fix everything. Though he's a big goofball.

"Tom, question." I raised my eyebrows, then looked at Chris. He inhaled through his mouth before he spoke. "Why did you choose to call me?"

I felt like I've been asked this question, but I answer it anyway. There's a good reason. "Well, not only you were the first to pop on my head and phone log, I really thought we could catch up and have a mini sleepover. I kinda missed shooting with you, and stuff.."

Chris smiles, the pinched my cheeks. I never really fancy painful ways of compliments (like how this is supposed to make me feel cute) but I liked it. "Well, isn't that cute?"

"It's not cute. It's being thoughtful, Aussie."

"Well, you're a meanie. You judged my cookie recipe."

I raised my guards higher. "Well-to be true, they weren't good. And you have every right to go against me because I suck at baking sweets, too."

Chris shrugged.

"Fair enough."

When we're really worn out, to the point that we can't even feel our limbs, we decided to go home. I realized I was still wearing the costume, but I was very tired so I didn't take it off.

"Where do I sleep, Tom?" Chris asked, his voice sounding a little too far away.

"Just sleep here!"

Not a few moments later, I heard a big thing drop on my bed. I was very close to sleeping, but my eyes are wide open again.

"Chris? You wanna get out of the costume?" I ask quietly, looking at his face. He groaned, and I didn't understand what he meant.



"Okay." I smile, realizing how much of a gumdrop Chris was. He was very much like a child.

"Weeeell goodnight, Chris." He buried his head in my pillow, not giving me a response.

I chuckled, then snuggled up. I threw the mjölnir away and closed my eyes, then I heard Chris speak drowsily.

"Goodnight to you too, Tommy. It was a great time."

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